550CC Saline Moderate Profile Breast Augmentation Review - Photos and Video Included

IMorgan-Cole Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Location: Delaware, PA Cost: $4,400

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550CC Saline Moderate Profile Breast Augmentation Review - Photos and Video Included - review image.
550CC Saline Moderate Profile Breast Augmentation Review - Photos and Video Included - review image.

Procedure rating

Breast augmentation - Saline breast implants


Performed 2015

Procedure review

Cost: $4,400

My Doctor: Dr. Ian Lonergan, M.D.

Age at the time of surgery: 23

As a young adult, my breast size was always a perky B cup, which I thought was okay but I always wanted more. With the right bra, I could push them up and make them look fuller. I was an avid push up bra enthusiast for the added push it gave to my cleavage. This was the case until I got pregnant with my child. Suddenly, I had breasts! My breast tissue was finally growing! All for a period of about 6 months until I stopped breastfeeding, at which point my breasts became deflated looking.

What I was left with was not only flattened, longer, unattractive breasts, but one was even slightly bigger than the other! It didn’t help that I got married to a man who happens to like bigger breasts. He still loved me the way I was, but all in all I became EXTREMELY self-conscious of my breast's appearance and started contemplating having cosmetic breast augmentation surgery.

After mulling over the decision to get breast implant surgery for a while, I finally decided to do it. Once my mind was made up, there was no going back. I was going to have this surgery. As I started thinking about what implant size I wanted, I originally thought I wanted to go big, around 1000cc's or so. So, I went to three different plastic surgeons and I ended up getting my procedure at the age of 23 with Dr. Ian Lonergan of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Wilmington, DE. During my consultation, he answered all my many questions, especially with it being my first plastic surgery experience ever. One of the cool things about Dr. Lonergan, is that he a surgical facility onsite to perform the procedure. I would not have to have my breast augmentation in a hospital, which made me feel more comfortable.

The day of my surgery came and I arrived at Dr. Lonergan's surgical facility early in the morning. I met with the anesthesiologist, some nurses and Dr. Lonergan. It was decided that the incision to insert my new implants would be at the crease of my breast, also known as an inframammary incision. I had wanted an underarm incision, because I felt like that was the best location to hide any scar that might develop, but I didn't mind having it placed at the crease of my breast. The only incision I did not want, was a periareolar incision, which is placed around the nipple. I also found out that a 1000cc saline implant would not fit in my breast pocket. Since the implant was being placed under the muscle, a method known to help prevent capsular contracture, there just wasn't enough space for a 1000cc implant. Due to breastfeeding inflating and deflating my breasts, we decided a 550cc saline moderate profile implant under my muscle was the best choice.

After I was wheeled into the operating room, I was quickly put to sleep with general anesthesia. Before I knew it, I was waking up and the last thing I remembered was a white substance being injected into my IV line to me to sleep. Once I was awake, I was elated! My chest felt tight, almost like someone had placed rocks under my skin in my breast area.

I had a relatively quick recovery. I had some bruising and some swelling, but did not require a lot of pain medication to get through it. At first, my breasts appeared a bit high on my chest, but as time went on, my implants began to settle, giving me a more natural looking breast shape and position.

My breast surgery cost $4,400 USD and my implants were worth every single penny I spent on them. My new breasts have a natural look and a natural feel and I could not be happier with them. Bra shopping is very fun now, even though I typically feel the need to wear two bras. I look great and I'm even looking into having a second breast augmentation procedure to increase the size of my breasts. The nice thing about having saline breast implants vs. silicone breast implants, is that it will be easy for me to know when I need a second procedure. Saline-filled implants leak a saline solution if they rupture, so I'll instantly be able to tell it's time for a second procedure. That might be my chance to get one! Even if they don't rupture, which I doubt they will unless I'm in an accident, I still wouldn't mind having a second procedure.

Overall, I highly recommend breast enhancement surgery to anyone considering it. Just make sure you do your research, find a great doctor and have ample recovery time. If you're like me, and we're not blessed with natural breast tissue and it's impacting your self-esteem, don't hesitate. Trust me, you'll be annoyed that you did not surgery sooner if you pick the right doctor.


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