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Before getting my breast augmentation I was very scared because it was the first surgery that I ever had. I was worried about going under general anesthesia because I had heard horror stories where there were complications from getting put to sleep. I was also worried about getting stitches in my breast area and was hoping I didn't have to deal with any type of botched surgery that I have seen on tv.

I scheduled my surgery around 3 months before having it so I dealt with a lot of anxiety to the months, weeks, and days leading up to the surgery. It was a nervous and exciting anxiety. I was happy that I was going to finally be getting breast implants but I would find myself of thinking about all of the small things that could go wrong like what if they aren't the perfect size.

Let me go into a little about how I chose to have the surgery and which doctor to choose. Before even going in for any consultations I did a ton of research on the procedure. I read all different types of articles and followed many plastic surgeons on social media. I felt that breast enhancement surgery was necessary to make me happy, but I also did not want to end up having the surgery twice.

Before getting surgery by breast size was a 32B and I discussed with the first doctor I went to in my initial consultation how big I could possibly go. I am pretty tall (5' 7") so I thought a decent sized breast implant could be appropriate for me without looking ridiculous and the doctor concurred. Even though my initial consultation went great (like explained above) I felt like I should visit a couple more doctors before making my decision. I wanted to get multiple opinions to make sure the doctors agreed, and then I could go with which doctor I felt most comfortable with.

The second doctor that I went to who ultimately became the doctor I had the surgery with was Dr. Neil Zemmel. I told him what the first doctor had told me and he wasn't offended that I came to him second. He said that cosmetic surgery was a very big decision in someones life because it alters your body and you need to feel safe and comfortable with your decision and your doctor. I told him that I wanted to get big implants, but not too big where it looked like I had huge melons on my chest. I also didn't want to have them so big that I started to have back problems. To help me with my decision on breast size they had me trying different sizes of implants in my bra. This gave me a good understanding of what size would work for me.

I did visit one more doctor but it was for ease of mind to make it feel like I was making the proper decision with Dr. Zemmel.

After my third consultation I went back to Dr. Zemmel for a follow up appointment to schedule my breast augmentation surgery. We decided that we would be going with 550cc moderate profile silicone implants. Even though silicone is more expensive, I chose silicone implants over saline implants because I thought they felt more natural. Also, a girlfriend of mine had plastic surgery a few months ago and she said she was very happy with her choice to get silicone implants.

Like I said above I scheduled my appointment about 3 months out so I had a lot of time to think about it but I was happy with my decision. I waited 3 months because it was very busy at work and I also wanted to make the surgery December versus September. In between those 3 months I did go to Dr. Zemmel's office for a little botox though and they were great.

The night before the surgery they tell you not to eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to the surgery. When I showed up the next morning for surgery my stomach was in knots but I was extremely excited to get my new boobs. They brought me into the waiting room and then onto a bed for pre-op. The anesthesiologist came to my bed and explained to me everything that was going to happen. He said that there would be an IV put in my one of the nurses, who would then administer some anti-nausea medication (which actually was a burning feeling which I was told was normal) because sometimes when people wake up after having general anesthesia they feel very sick. He also showed me the breathing device that would be used while I was knocked out during the breast implant surgery.

After the surgery I vaugely remember talking to the nurse and my husband and asking if they were too big. I was completely out of it because of the anesthesia. My husband told me that he wheeled me out in a wheelchair (which I didnt remember). The next thing I remembered was being on my couch propped up at home feeling very nauseas. My chest was pounding and it felt like there was strong pressure pushing against my chest and it was really hard for me to breathe.

The first night was pretty bad in my opinion. I was in a lot of pain and started to regret getting the surgery. I think I was still weening off the anesthesia because I could barely keep my eyes open. Before my husband made the bed with a couple pillows stacked on top of each other, he washed me because I couldn't move my arms. They tell you that you can not sleep on your stomach, and have to sleep basically sitting up.

The day after the surgery I woke up feeling the same. I barely slept because I was sitting up. I had a lot of pressure on my chest and it was really hard to breathe. If someone made me laugh I was in a ton of pain. They did give me pain medication which I did take because I really wasn't feeling well. It was really hard for me to eat but I had to eat some fruit while I took my pills (pain medication and anti-biotics) because it wouldn't have sit well in my stomach without some substance. Even though I wasn't up for it it was important that I get up and move around every hour. It was important because it helps the breast implant fall into place.

The third day after the surgery nothing was getting much better. I think it was because I really wasn't eating a lot because I didn't have an appetite. My diet was basically some broth soup and bananas. All there really is to do when you aren't feeling well is to keep resting.

Finally around 5 days after surgery when I went for my post-op appointment, I started to feel a little bit more like myself. The best part about going to the post op was that I finally was able to see what my breasts looked like. When they unwrapped the bandages I was more than thrilled. Although there was bruising and swelling, they looked beautiful. The nurse told me that the swelling would go down in the next couple weeks and they would drop into place.

I have to be honest with anyone getting a breast augmentation. The first week after surgery is not pleasant, but if you can make it through that you will probably be very happy with the results. The implant size that I chose was perfect and I credit Dr. Zemmel for helping me choose what fit best with my body. Getting silicone breast implants was a life changer for me and I am more confident in my body.

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