At 70 I Decided to Have a Mini Facelift

FLMarg Patient gender: Female Patient age: 74 Cost: $16,000

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Performed 2015

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I am 70 years old and the story I'm going to share with you is about my experience with my second facelift. I had my first facelift about 13 years ago and decided to have a second mini facelift because my face was starting to droop again.I have previously received lip and filler injections, so I'm certainly not afraid to dabble with plastic surgery.

Following my first facelift, I was left with some nerve damage. My plastic surgeon told me that this was because older facelift techniques involved going into the deep layers of the face, where the nerves are. The nerve damage I had caused me to get sharp pains suddenly in the top of my head. I was able to treat my nerve damage with frequent Botox injections. This has been a very costly problem for me, but I was left with no other options. They say you have to suffer pain to experience beauty and I guess I like suffering since I chose to put myself through this experience again. I knew what I was signing up for and was willing to deal with the consequences.

My surgery started at 9 am and I was at the hospital until 2 pm. I was wheeled out of the operating room around 1-1:15 pm and was in recovery for approximately 45 minutes before being released from the hospital. My husband drove me home and it's a good thing he did, because I was very spaced out. The anesthesia they give you really takes the wind out of you.

The night I returned home from the hospital I napped on and off. I was very sleepy, but the pain kept waking me up. I was very uncomfortable from the tightly wrapped bandage that was placed around my head. My husband gave me a dose of pain medication that night and the rest of the evening was a daze.

Day 1 post-operatively I could not speak well. How tight my bandage was, coupled with the swelling I had, made it difficult to talk. I was also exhaused from the previous night, because I had difficulty sleeping. I kept waking up every 20 minutes from the pain I was experiencing. Not a pleasant experience, but better than what I went through with my first facelift.

On day 2 my bandage was removed. This was a relief, as the bandage created a lot of discomfort and irritation underneath my chin. My sleep schedule was still not great at this point in my recovery. The one pleasant surprise I did have was limited bruising. The only bruising I had was on the side of my chin. My swelling was ok and my Arnica gel and pills did helped with it.

On day 3 I continued to have drainage collect from my ears. My doctor told me this would happen and told me to put plain vaseline on a gauze pad, which I then stuck on my ears. I was told not to use anything but plain vaseline, like an ointment with an antibiotic, because some patients had experienced allergic reactions. I still wasn't doing much except resting.

By day 5, I was started to speak better and was more with it. I was still sleeping a lot, but felt more with it. I thought I would be able to get up and out of the house, but didn't have the energy to do so.

Day 6 I stopped taking all narcotics. My doctor still had the drains in my ears and at this point they had become extremely annoying. My doctor assured me that it was best to leave the drains in my face to reduce swelling and prevent an infection. What little bruising I had was turning yellow and beginning to fade.

On day 9 I had my drains removed and this gave me more freedom. I no longer had to worry about ripping the drains out or emptying the bulbs which had been collecting the body fluids.

After day 9 I felt like I was over the hump in my recovery. I was still swollen some and had soreness, but not like it was in the earlier days of my recovery. My recovery was smooth from this point forward.

Three weeks into my recovery and everything had healed well. I still had trouble opening my mouth all the way, but had very little scarring. There was a short scar under my chin and some very thin faint lines around the front and back of my ears. My doctor told me all of the incision lines and difficulty opening my mouth would disappear in 3-6 months and sure enough, around month 5 my scars were hardly able to be seen.

I am writing this review two years after my surgery and I love my facelift results. The excess skin I had is gone and I look good for my age. My surgery results were as I was promised and they were delivered. I hope my facelift review has been useful for this community.

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