8 Things No One Tells You About Smile Direct Club

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Performed 2017

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Hello Everyone! I have read a lot of reviews on here and online, and have noticed that few people seem to summarize the negative aspects of Smile Direct Club. I decided to share the top 8 things Smile Direct Club will not tell you that I think every potential customer should know about their aligners. 


  1. Aligners Not Fitting Well: I have seen a lot of complaints about people receiving their aligners and they don't fit at all. I understand that Smile Direct's aligners are designed to correct your teeth and are not supposed to fit perfectly. However, there are many examples of people who have to send their aligners back to Smile Direct because they don't fit at all. This adds time and inconvience to the treatment process. 
  2. Yellow Teeth: I have personally experienced this problem with my Smile Direct aligners. I was shocked at how yellow my teeth became from the aligners. I have been using baking soda day and night to mitigate the yellow of my teeth. 
  3. Unhealthy Gums: I have noticed lots of cuts on my gums from my aligner trays. These cuts have also caused my gums to swell and it has become very uncomfortable to eat or brush my teeth. I did not have a problem with my gums prior to using Smile Direct Club. 
  4. General Discomfort: I have experienced a lot of discomfort in general, but especially while chewering food during my treatment course. Since your teeth are being shifted by the aligners, they are often in awkward positions not ideal for chewing until you complete your treatment.
  5. Developing a Lisp: You will likely develop a lisp from your aligners - I did. Your lisp will be worse at the beginning of your treatment and you will gradually get acclimated to speaking while wearing your aligners. At the start of my treatment, I did not want to converse with anyone. Eventually I learned how to pronounce my S's and speak properly with the aligners in my mouth. 
  6. Getting Your Aligners Takes Time: It took 3-4 months from the moment I contacted Smile Direct Club until I got my first set of aligner trays. First they need to send you the molds, then you have to send them back, Smile Direct has create your aligners and they need to be delivered to you. 
  7. Tooth Pain: I experience pain in my teeth every time I start a new aligner tray. This pain last about 3-4 days before it goes away. During that time, I'm careful not to eat any hard foods. I still to soft foods, such as Jellow, pudding and yogurt. 
  8. Bubbles: Your mouth will produce more saliva when you wear aligners. This additional saliva can cause bubbles to appear in your mouth. I am wearing clear aligners because I don't want people to know I have anything on my teeth. When the bubbles show up, you can tell I have an aligner on. When I called Smile Direct Club, the customer support representative told me this was common and that my body should get used to the aligners as my treatment progressed. So far, I'm still having an issue with bubbles appearing in my mouth. 

I hope my list of the top 8 things Smile Direct Club doesn't tell you is helpful for those of you considering ordering their aligners. To be clear, Smile Direct Club is a good treatment and I do recommend it, but you should be aware of these issues before dropping $1850 on aligners. 

Thanks for the info!

You're quite welcome! Let me know if you have any other questions about Smile Direct.