$900 Restylane Filler For Tear Troughs - Photos Inside! Not Sure If I Would Do it Again.

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$900 Restylane Filler For Tear Troughs - Photos Inside! Not Sure If I Would Do it Again. - review image.
$900 Restylane Filler For Tear Troughs - Photos Inside! Not Sure If I Would Do it Again. - review image.
$900 Restylane Filler For Tear Troughs - Photos Inside! Not Sure If I Would Do it Again. - review image.
$900 Restylane Filler For Tear Troughs - Photos Inside! Not Sure If I Would Do it Again. - review image.

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Performed 2016

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My Current Age: 29
Provider: Michelle Niesen, MS, PA-C – owner & primary clinician of Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie
Location: Washburn, WI
Cost: $900 (both syringes)

It seemed that the area under my eyes hollowed out overnight when I was about 25. It bothered me for years. I hated looking tired and far older than I was. I tried a ton of different creams even though I knew none of them could replenish volume. I also tried various treatments at home but, unfortunately, those created dark circles under my eyes. The darkness further accentuated the hollows. 

I knew all along that dermal fillers were probably the only option to address my under-eye hollows but I hesitated for a long time due to the cost and potential for one of the common side effects to occur. I did a ton of research regarding which filler would be the most suitable for my tear troughs and which method of application was best. Through my research, I found that a blunt tip cannula (also known as a micro cannula) carried less risk of bruising and swelling. It was hard tracking down a provider that used a blunt tip but I finally found one. I called the doctor's office and scheduled an appointment for Restylane, an FDA approved filler (it seemed to have a lower risk of swelling than Juvederm). 

For a couple of weeks prior to the procedure, I made sure to avoid the fish oil capsules I usually took (this helps reduce your risk of bruising). I also took Arnica tablets for a few days before and after the filler. For the treatment, my provider numbed the injection site with a lidocaine numbing solution and then went ahead with the placement of the injectable filler after marking the area with a tiny pen. The injection didn't exactly hurt but it did feel odd. It wasn't exactly a complete painless procedure. In some areas, I could feel the Restylane entering my skin. 

Immediately after, I held ice packs to my eyes to help discourage any swelling. I tried to apply ice periodically throughout the rest of the day. I had zero bruising (which was a relief since I am prone to bruising). My left eye swelled more than my right but I still felt comfortable going in public immediately after. I don't think anyone would have even realized I did anything unless I told them. 

I slept with 2 pillows that night to keep my head elevated and help control swelling. The day after, my eyes (especially my left one) felt funny due to the swelling but I still looked okay. The change in my eyes was dramatic - no more hollows, no more darkness. It was an astounding change. 

Unfortunately, part of the change was due to the remaining swelling. As the swelling subsided over the next couple of weeks, some of the darkness came back. It still looked far better though and my hollows were almost entirely gone. 

6 weeks later, I went back for a touch up on the outer corners of my eyes (there was still a small portion that was hollow). I found out after that my provider used a regular needle for this second treatment since the corner were too hard to reach with a blunt tip cannula.

 I had a tiny bruise on my left eye but nothing too noticeable. The swelling was less than the previous injections since she treated a smaller area this time. I did end up with a funny lump under my right eye. I had to decide if I was going to leave it alone and hope it settled in or massage it while it was still pliable (per the suggestion of my provider). I went ahead and massaged it (based on a YouTube video I watched). I ended up pushing the filler out of place and causing it to fill the wrong part of my eye. It created a tiny bag that casts a bit of a funny shadow now. I'm looking forward to it going away in the future. 

Between the two injections, my provider used 2 syringes of Restylane in total (she also placed a bit of filler in my upper left cheek to offset some asymmetry in my face). 

It has now been about 7 months since I got Restylane injections and I'm no longer as happy. Obviously, filler is not permanent and my issues are starting to come back. I'm wondering if all that money was worth it considering how fast the final results start to fade. It was a temporary solution for a long term problem. The filler in my cheek also appears to be one big lump. I'm hoping it dissolves within the next few months.

If you are considering injections, I would recommend having your provider use a blunt tip cannula for your cosmetic procedure. But I would still be hesitant. It is easy to end up with lumps and bumps and odd issues that may take a while to dissolve. And the cost adds up a lot over time. I wish I had never got my second injections due to how they turned out. I'm going to wait another 6 months and see where my eyes are at. I'm hoping I can just accept the hollows from now on so I don't have to mess with Restylane anymore.

Michelle Niesen, MS, PA-C

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