Abdomen - Total body lift

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Abdomen - Total body lift - review image.
Abdomen - Total body lift - review image.
Abdomen - Total body lift - review image.
Abdomen - Total body lift - review image.
Abdomen - Total body lift - review image.

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Total body lift

Performed 2014

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My doctor: Dr. David Shifrin – Chicago, IL

Cost would have been $16,000, but the doctor did it pro bono. 

My experience with a total body lift: 

I have been overweight my entire life. I finally decided enough was enough and I embarked on a weight loss journey in 2011. By the end of 2013, I had lost over 190 pounds! That was by far one of my biggest accomplishments. Unfortunately, I suffered with a lot of excess skin from my stomach upward. My body lift surgery would have cost me roughly $16,000 but I was fortunate to have a surgeon who was willing to do it pro bono.

I am so blessed that I had so many friends and family members willing to help me throughout this process because I needed all of their help. I couldn't walk for about 2 weeks and I needed a walker for assistance.  Simple tasks like cooking, bathing and cleaning were extremely tough to do. I couldn't bend over for close to a month! Recovery was pretty long and I didn't feel like my normal self until 6 months’ post op.

Going into my surgery, I was so excited! I was happy to finally get rid of my belly hang. I did notice it took my mind longer to catch up with my new body. I would grab for my lower belly forgetting it was no longer there! Once my mind finally adjusted to the new me I became thrilled to wear things I couldn't wear before. 

My surgeon and his entire staff were extremely helpful! If I had a question or concern, they would call me back in less than 30 minutes. Going into the surgery room I became terrified. My surgeon and his staff did their best to make me laugh and feel relaxed. Dr. Shifrin has excellent bedside manners and I highly recommend him.