Accutane Cured My Acne and Gave Me Clear Skin

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My name is Susan and I am 24 years old. My acne started my first year of college, when I noticed a couple of bumps appear on my face and it only got worse the older I got. I some research on YouTube about how to cure my acne, but couldn’t find anything that provided long term results.

As my research continued, I stumbled upon Accutane. I was very excited to get on it because I knew it was the cure I needed. I got my Accutane in Houston, Texas and my doctor was Dr. Ogunmakin.

My initial treatment started with my first visit to the Suzanne Bruce Dermatology office, where Dr. Ogunmakin worked. The first visit I told Dr. Ogunmakin my concerns and how I have been battling acne for a very long time, to the point that it made me very insecure and scared to go out. My doctor recommended Accutane and she told me I would have to take a urine test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I would also have to get two forms of birth control, of which I chose oral birth control and male condoms. I had to wait a whole month before I could start my treatment on Accutane and I also had to sign up for ipledge, which required you to take a test every single month in order for my prescription to be filled.

My first month I started with 30 mg of Accutane. My doctor wanted to watch how my body reacted to the drugs before she bumped my dosage up to 60 mg.

The first month on Accutane my lips were dry but my face wasn’t. I was excited and took lots of pictures.

My second month my doctor bumped up my dosage to 60 mg. She bumped up the dosage after reviewing my required monthly blood test and seeing that I was reacting ok to the 30 mg dosage. I quickly started to notice my skin starting to improve drastically.

My 3rd month I had dry nose and I had a little nose bleed. My lips were very dry too, but my breakouts started to reduce. My face, however, did get darker due to the sun. Houston gets really hot, so the best thing I would suggest is to stay in the house if it’s hot to avoid getting sun burned. I was still on 60 mg and was taking monthly blood tests and iPledge quizzes.

My 4th month my skin completely cleared up and my complexion came right back. My eczema went away and my bloody noses went away! Oh yes, I had joint pains in the 3rd month, so I would watch out for that, because my back was hurting and I knew it was because of the medication.

My final month of treatment, my skin completely cleared and all my side effects began disappearing. I would do Accutane again if I had to over and over again.

To summarize, each month my skin improved. I did have a little bit of side effects, like eczema on my elbow, which went away, and I also had bloody noses, which only happened twice in one month. As my treatment continued, the bloody noses stopped and my eczema disappeared. My final results are that my skin is completely clear. I will definitely recommend Accutane to everybody that suffers with acne because it is a really good medication that cures acne.

As for the cost of my Accutane treatment, I paid $42 for blood tests and $5 here and there. I went to Quest Diagnostics for my blood work and I’m not sure how much my blood tests would have cost without insurance. I paid $22 for my doctor office visits every time I went in for an appointment. With insurance, I paid $74 for my medication (with my premium paid off).

The brand of Accutane I was on was Claravis, which is the generic brand of Absorica. Absorica would have cost $400 with my insurance.

Accutane may be expensive, but the results are priceless. Having clear skin is worth the cost.

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