Accutane Experience: Claravis 40mg Once a Day

bryana Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Location: Downey, CA Cost: $85

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Before Accutane 1 - Accutane Experience: Claravis 40mg Once a Day  - review image.
Before Accutane 2 - Accutane Experience: Claravis 40mg Once a Day  - review image.
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Performed 2017

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My name is Bryana and here's my complete analysis of my experience with Accutane. My doctor was Evelyn Joyce Cheung, M.D. and her office is located at Kaiser Orchard Offices on 9449 Imperial Highway, Downey, CA, 90242. 

Brand of Accutane I took: Claravis 40 mg once daily. 

Cost: A little over $85 in total, including my bloodwork, appointments, Accutane and birth control. 

Side Effects Experienced: Dryness, red and dry eyes, eczema, headaches, moodiness, joint pain sensistivity to sunlight and red skin from exposure to sunlight. 

Routine Taking Accutane:

1 appointment every month (includes iPledge quiz, pregnancy test and bloodwork). Your bloodwork (pregnancy and blood levels) is done 2-3 days before your scheduled doctor's appointment. 

After your pregnancy tests are negative and your iPledge quiz is complete, you are then allowed to pick up the refill of your Accutane. 


My consultation for Accutane was not the most pleasant experience. I had just gone back to Kaiser after being at a previous dermatologist whom had excellent customer service and was very caring and informative. When I had walked into my doctor's office for my first appointment to talk about Accutane,  the nurse said that I would be an excellent candidate for Accutane due to the severity of my acne. After wanting to move forward with Accutane, (this is where it went downhill) I never felt the need to do birth control and voiced that to the RN that I had been consulting with. I personally knew someone who had done Accutane and did not need to take birth control. All they had to do was promise to be abstinent. That was not enough for Kaiser, they did not let me take the medication without the birth control, since a woman who can get pregnant and is on Accutane, can birth a baby with severe deformities. I ended up having to get the birth control prescription in order to move forward with the process of starting Accutane. The RN that I recommend at the Downey Kaiser is Phoebe, the other nurse that I had originally dealt with was very rude and mad that I did not want to take the birth control with Accutane because her 15 year old daughter was on birth control because of Accutane. So if you can, make sure you get Phoebe in the Derm Department at the Downey Orchard Office. Phoebe helped me with my IPledge registration a few days after my consultation, since the first nerve was not very helped. Phoebe then scheduled my first appointment for a month later. 


What is iPledge?

IPledge is a restricted distribution program for Accutane. Due to the serious birth defects Accutane can cause, woman who are able to conceive are required to be on 2 forms of birth control. Birth control medication and using condoms are the two forms they expect you to use. Every month during your doctor's appointment, you take a 'quiz' on the 2 forms of contraception you're taking. Once you've passed, you'll be able to pick up your medication.  


Pursuing Accutane

After you've had your consultation and have made the decision to start Accutane, you'll be registered with the iPledge program and be required to take birth control for 30 days prior to taking your first dose of Accutane. 



                                                                                     Table of Side Effects Experienced Each Month

Month 1 

Month 2 

Month 3 

Month 4

Month 5 

Month 6

Peeling skin

Peeling skin

Eczema Patches ( Dry Skin)

Eczema Patches

Eczema Patches

Eczema Patches

Dry lips

Split lips

Split lips

Redness from sun exposure

Redness from sun exposure

Redness from sun exposure

Burning sensation on skin due to dryness

Redness from sun exposure

Little bumps on lips from exfoliating

Skin peeling

Dry Lips

Dry Lips

Sore ribs when laying on stomach

Cholestorol went up

Joint pain in knees

Split lips

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Dry Scalp

No Active Acne

1 pimple under nose


Mood Swings

Mood Swings



Redness from sun exposure


Weakened Immune System

Weakened Immune System






Dry Eyes/Stye



  • Be careful when waxing (skin can tear & burn due to th skin being so thin)
  • Be careful when threading
  • Stay away from the sun (skin can get red and burned from just sitting in the car)
  • Stay away from unhealthy foods
  • People become depressed on this medication, but keep your eye on the prize and surround yourself with loving, happy people and keep a positive mind.


Products to Use While on Accutane:


Why did I decide to go on Accutane?

Acne had been a big weight on my self-esteem for about four years. I’ve done so many acne treatments and taken so many antibiotics but nothing worked. I would not even want to go to school because of my acne. I’d break down in my car after having left school early because I felt so ugly and my face hurt. I had gotten to the point where I just did not feel like myself and was letting this external issue take over my life. The acne also started to go down on to my neck and right then and there, that was the end of it for me. I had also wanted to always pursue something in media, which means I needed to be on camera, and I did not even want to be seen out because of how bad my acne was. I was always against Accutane and always looked at it as a very harsh drug. Which it is, do not question that, but your doctors watch after you and your progress to make sure that everything is going okay. I myself had been researching Accutane for years but was always so scared to do it. Until I really had enough with Acne and it taking a toll on my life that no one understands until they’ve experienced it. I had also personally known someone who had taken Accutane and seemed as if it was a breeze for them. So I chose to do Accutane so that I could gain my confidence back and so that my skin wouldn’t hurt whenever I’d touch it, wash it or to lay down because of the severity of my acne. I decided to take control of my life and how I wanted it to go. Do your research and decide when YOU are ready. Do not feel pressured by anyone else other than yourself. 


Do I recommend Acccutane?

I feel that if you have tried everything in the books,  then you should definitely give it a try, because you do not have much to lose! Accutane is a last resort when it comes to acne treatment. 


Other Important Information

For women who can conceive, after your last dose, Accutane stays in your system for a month. Therefore, you must stay on your contraceptives for 30 days after your last Accutane pill, then after the 30 days is over, you go in to take your last and final pregnancy test for your treatment.


My Results 

My results have given me so much confidence and I now look in the mirror and see clear skin that I never had when I was covered in cystic acne. I can even see my freckles now, which were impossible to see before, because they were covered with acne! I do not regret doing Accutane at all. I am so grateful that this treatment has worked so well for me. I'm always astonished by the results Accutane gave me each time I see my face in the mirror or photos. It really is a miracle drug. 




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