Acne.Org Regimen Review: Only Worth it if You Have Very Mild Acne

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I tried's regimen 5 years ago and while I thought it was good, it was far from an acne cure. Accutane was my true saving grace and cured my acne permanently. I know Accutane isn't for every person and many are scared of it, and so I wanted to write a very honest review of the treatment.

I decided to try the regimen after literally every acne product at CVS didn't prevent my skin from breaking out. At the time I tried the treatment, I had oily skin and suffered from persistent mild breakouts. I also had sensitive skin and felt like I had to be very careful in choosing which products I applied to it. I had followed the blog for a while and figured why the hell and gave their treatment a try.

If you're not familiar with the system, it consists of a cleanser, benzoyl peroxide and a moisturizer. The main acne fighting ingredient in their system is benzoyl peroxide, which is commonly available at any drugstore. The big difference though, is that's benzoyl peroxide is only 2.5%, while most drugstore products carry 10% benzoyl peroxide. According to, 2.5% is just as effective as 10% benzoyl peroxide, but doesn't carry the same side effects, like dryness, redness, etc. Another big side effect that is extremely rare, but I have read about it in several scientific magazines, is that benzoyl peroxide can cause free radicals, which lead to skin cancer. The lower the dose of benzoyl peroxide, the safer it is.

The key to the system is leaving the benzoyl peroxide on your face and letting it dry. The pros of their system, is that the benzoyl peroxide doesn't overly dry out your skin and it's got a nice creamy consistency, unlike the thick paste like feeling of most benzoyl peroxide. The downside of it is that you have all this lotion on your skin - you have the benzoyl peroxide and then you need to apply a moisturizer afterwards. That's a lot of 'cream' on your face (I know, that sounds weird).

The treatment worked for a good 6 months before it stopped working. I eventually had to graduate to Accutane and that permanently cured my skin without having to apply all these lotions to my face. I'd recommend the treatment for anyone with very mild acne, otherwise, I'd skip it and go straight to Accutane.'s system is better than ProActiv's in my opinion, but it's not a cure. It's also not going to help anyone with cystic acne, so don't even waste your time.

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