Aesthetic Line Did a Great Job Microblading My Eyebrows

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Performed 2018

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I hadn't considered microblading for a while - I had naturally full brows and wasn't sure how it would benefit me, but I did have some areas that didn't look as full and were more sparse than other parts of my eyebrows. I had 2 friends get their eyebrows done before me with Aesthetic Line, and I loved the way that they looked. Both of my friends also had full brows and looked amazing! I kept seeing microblading photos floating around social media and the internet and finally decided I wanted to try it out.

I usually go for a more natural makeup look and love a full brow. The tails of my eyebrows (especially my right one) were super sparse and I just didn't grow hair there. I write beauty, fitness, and health content for my blog, so I reached out to Aesthetic Line to see if they'd be interested in working together to showcase the experience for others. I hadn't really seen a full in-depth microblading experience - I just met people who had it done or saw photos online. I wanted to show the real deal!

I booked my appointment for 1PM. Ingrid and Nelly from Aesthetic Line were on-time and told me that we'd probably be there for about 2-3 hours from start to finish. The first 45 minutes were spent talking about exactly what I wanted, going over photos, and outlining the shape that Ingrid would do. She took SO much time to perfectly outline the shape, create marks to show me exactly what she was doing, and measure the dimensions of my face to create perfect symmetry.

I was a little nervous about the pain and procedure, but they did use numbing cream which made me feel better. They leave the cream on for about 20 minutes to allow it to fully penetrate before beginning the microblading process.

I felt close to no pain at all. There were a few times where I felt some pressure/scraping, but NOTHING major. Ingrid's technique and the numbing cream must have worked wonders, because I've heard from others that this can hurt pretty bad. I was so happy that it didn't! Even the second brow didn't hurt at all.

Ingrid did my first eyebrow, checked it over, then moved onto the second. I'd say this took about an hour total. She then went over both of the brows and fine-tuned. I was laying down and actually getting microbladed for about 1.5 hours.

Once she was done creating the "hairs", she showed me exactly what she did and asked if there was anything I wanted to change. I was happy overall but had her put an extra stroke of hair or two towards the front of my eyebrows. They then explained the after-care for my eyebrows!

I wasn't able to work out for five days - This is mainly because you're technically scabbing and the "wounds" need to heal. I couldn't get my eyebrows wet for 24 hours, so that night I just used a wipe to remove any makeup and washed very carefully from my eyes down. I recommend not wearing any makeup to make this easiest and it's one less thing to worry about!

They also gave me some ointment to use twice a day for 5-7 days. It looked like coconut oil but just helped with the healing - I applied some with a q-tip morning and evening to help with the healing and keep my eyebrows moisturized.

I scheduled my 2nd follow-up with Aesthetic Line before I left - You will go back 5 weeks after your first microblading to touch up anything that may have faded, check the shape, and make sure that everything is the way you like it!

A few things to keep in mind if you do decide to do microblading - At first they will look very dark. It's normal, and it's just the fresh ink. Don't freak out! The eyebrows go in phases when healing at first - They'll be very dark, then they will fade, then they will balance out and settle into what they will look like.

I really can't recommend Ingrid and Aesthetic Line enough - Something like microblading or any procedure on your face is so tricky, and I would only go to someone who has experience and who I trust 100%. They made sure to use the perfect color match, show me every step, shape them out perfectly, and made me super comfortable.

A little about me - I'm 26 and wear makeup pretty regularly. I live in Houston, TX and went to Aesthetic Line (located near I10 and Kirkwood area). Ingrid is who will perform the actual microblading! In terms of cost, I was able to work with Aesthetic Line to promote their services in exchange for the procedure, but they split the cost up between your first and second visit. The first cost will be more than the second. It'll also depend on how much time is spent, how much ink is used, and how much work is being put into your eyebrows.

I highly, highly recommend Ingrid and Aesthetic Line if you're interested in microblading. They also do a ton of other procedures like lip tattooing (changing the color and outlining), eyelash extensions, and are very knowledgable about everything they do!