African-American Woman's Breast Augmentation Experience

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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My experience was an interesting one for me. I never really thought about getting plastic surgery when I was younger. I was always that all-natural girl. I thought if you just workout, you can get the body you want and I did, however, I was always lacking breasts. They just seemed to be missing. And that’s when I started researching plastic surgeons. I first considered a new procedure called “Up-a-Cup,' where they would do liposuction to areas of your body, then use the excess fat and inject it to increase your breast size. The problem is, you only go one cup size up. I’m a 34B and going through all that abuse just to go up one cup size didn’t seem worth it. Plus, it was expensive, because they are doing multiple procedures and they charge you for each one. It would have cost more than my car! NO THANK YOU.

I started to Google plastic surgeons near my area and hundreds came up. I started narrowing down my search by specifics I wanted, like: what area, the cost, the time frame in which I wanted it done and so on. I was doing this research in-between getting a new job and starting school in about a month. I had a short amount of time to get my breast augmentation because I wanted it done before school. I didn’t know how long I would be out after surgery. I’ve read you can be out for weeks and I didn't want to miss any classes. Also, one thing I wanted, was a surgeon who would fully understand incisions on African-American skin. I’m black and I’m prone to keloids, so having a surgeon who understands this made me feel comfortable. Having all the things I wanted written down on my list, I continued my search and came across Lexington Plastic Surgeons. The first thing I noticed, was that it was owned by Dr. Michael Jones, a black plastic surgeon, who also has a TV show about his practice on Centric. When I saw that, I started looking more into his website. I liked what I saw, so I booked a consultation. I also booked 2-3 consultations with other doctors, so I could weigh my options.

About 2 weeks later, it was time for my consultation. I was nervous but I knew what to expect. I had done my research and was prepared. At the first consultation, I didn’t see the doctor. I first met with the plastic surgery advisor. Dr. Jones has multiple practices in different cities, so it's difficult to get a consultation with him. You must see the advisor first before meeting with him. So, with the advisor, I went over my procedure. I discussed the type of breast implants I wanted, which was silicone implants. We went over the size I wanted and she had me look through books of the surgeon’s work. She said the doctor would go into more detail on the things I wanted when I met with him. She then asked when I wanted the surgery done. I needed it done early, so she recommended Dr. Umbareen Mahmood. Dr. Mahmood is an Indian female plastic surgeon, which I loved, because this was everything I was looking for.

We then started looking over the pricing of the procedure and the price was on the higher end of $8000. I knew why my price was high though. It was because I was in New York City getting my procedure done at a private practice. The surgeries were done at the office and not in a hospital, which was fine with me because I don't like hospitals. The cost was also higher because I was getting silicone implants placed under the muscle, which usually cost $1000 or $2000 more than saline breast implants. After I agreed to get it done by Dr. Mahmood, we started considering options of payment. You could use a credit card or finance the procedure. I chose to finance it.

A few days later, I met with Dr. Mahmood and she was great. She was very informative and answered all of my concerns. She measured my upper chest area as she discussed my breast size. I told her what I wanted and she recommended what would be good for my chest cavity size, height and build. This made me feel even more comfortable with her, because she didn’t just agree with what I wanted, she gave me input. She then went over what would be happening during my surgery. That put me at ease a bit. I was very nervous, because this was going to be my first surgery.

A couple weeks later it was time for my surgery and I was nervous as hell counting down the days. But I was ready. I couldn’t eat or drink anything the night before, so I was starving. And I had wait until noon to get my surgery done. When I finally got there, I met with the nurse and she took my blood pressure. Then I had a meeting with the anesthesiologist, and he went over everything he'd be doing during the surgery. Then I got fully undressed and put on booties and a robe. While I was waiting for Dr. Mahmood, I took a few pictures of my old boobies. Then Dr. Mahmood came in and we went over the breast size I wanted to be and any last-minute concerns I had. Then I was escorted into the surgery room. They had me lay down with my arms out like Jesus. Then my hands and feet were strapped down, just like Jesus. My heart was really pumping hard at this moment. The anesthesiologist started asking me questions about myself, like my name, where I was and who my doctor was. Next thing I know, I’m in recovery with the nurse by my side ready to give me water. I was woozy but was surprised the surgery was so fast. About 2 hours later, I was ok to be released and my mother came to pick me up.

The first week recovering from my breast augmentation procedure was hard. I could only sleep on my back, so I had piles of pillows propped up to keep me sitting upright. The implants were sitting high on my chest and I couldn’t lift my arms over my head, making it hard to anything. Even getting out of bed was hard, so I slept by the edge of my bed so I wouldn’t have to use my arms. My chest itself was in crazy pain. It was very sore. I could even my chest muscles stretching from the implants placed under them. They gave me pain pills, which helped. They said to take them every 4-5 hours, or when I felt pain, but with the muscle pain, putting ice packs on my chest really helped with the pulling on my skin.

3 days later I had go back to Dr. Mahmood for my post-op appointment. I still couldn’t move my arms. The night before I had my mother feed me because I was so stiff and sore, but Dr. Mahmood assured me that was normal. As the days went by, it got easier to move around. A week later I was back at work but I still felt pain in my chest. At least I was moving though. I had a desk job at the time, so I didn’t have to do much, but I couldn’t lift anything up. If I tried to lift anything, it would contract my chest muscles, which I didn't want to do. Even opening car doors or a refrigerator was difficult. I had to be very cognizant of what I was doing for months because of this.

It took time for my implants to settle in my chest cavity. One implant was sitting higher than the other one and my chest look lopsided. I even thought my doctor did something wrong, because of how my breasts looked. I called her and she informed me that what I was seeing was normal. She told me your natural breasts are not perfectly symmetrical either. She said my breasts would settle down over time. Trusting what she said, I just waited and stopped looking in the mirror every 5 minutes. During that time, I would try on new shirts and I loved the way they looked. My chest looked great. The size and shape of my breasts was prefect.

My breasts ended up looking just the way I wanted them. They now look prefect, especially for my body type. I feel amazing and my self-confidence has really been boosted. Dr. Mahmood did a great job. I now love my breasts. My only regret is that I wish I opted for a larger size.

Dr. Umbareen Mahmood

New York, NY

Lexington Plastic Surgeons - New York, NY

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So so so helpful. I'm scheduled to see Dr. Mahmood in a few weeks.  Your review has helped ease some of my apprehension.  They look great!