Asian Eyelid Surgery Was Definitely Worth It For Me. Videos and Pictures To Prove it!

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My overall opinion on plastic surgery: Plastic surgery is an interesting topic. It’s marketed as having a celebrity-like lifestyle and looking like a supermodel or a reality tv star. The truth is, whatever procedure you decide to do, you’re going to look the same, except bigger or smaller. In my opinion, there’s one exception: if you have great bone structure, a procedure on one “not-so-beautiful” feature like a nose or your eyes, can vastly alter the way you look and make a huge difference. Other than that, plastic surgery is a dream people chase, and it’s true that you can look better in photos, but you’re still going to look the same as the person before.

The reason people do it is they look at photos and have this longing for a different life ahead, like a permanent vacation from daily life. Plastic surgery will not solve your problems; in fact, it’ll bring them out and make you more emotional! Be prepared to have your emotions go all over the place, especially when going through the healing phase.

My story: Before Asian Eyelid Surgery: Before my procedure, I felt alone, like a lost soul. I had a lot of beauty secrets that I would do with makeup like glue on lashes that made a large, doll-eyed look. My eyes looked better in photos, and during the days, I believed I looked great. At night when I took off the lashes, my self-esteem plummeted. No one saw me in my natural state once I started doing that. I lived in a new city and was starting a new chapter in my life. For years, I spent hours each day putting on eye makeup and trying to be like a girl in the magazines or on tv. I believed I’d attract a better man and a better lifestyle if I looked like the women in the magazines. For three years I considered surgery, and finally after a breakup, I went for it!

Consultation: I emailed photos to Dr. Lee, and he responded with the price and that I was eligible for the incision method, but not the suture method as I had a heavy lid and had to have fat removed and muscle adjustments called ptosis correction for the lid to stay up. I went to have the procedure the same day as the consultation. A separate consultation isn’t necessary, in my opinion. He’s going to measure and remeasure your eyelids anyway. He didn’t talk at all, he’s focused and goes into his zone. I asked him if it’s going to look better and he said “Yes!” I didn’t even know if the surgery was for me, but what I did know was I couldn’t keep up with the glued-on lashes look forever, especially when I wanted to be taken seriously at work. I asked for non-tapered, and Dr. Lee picked the lid crease size. I’d leave it in his hands!
Procedure: Dr. Lee’s nurses are the best on the planet- the ladies are like instant BFFs, I can’t really explain it any other way. They love Dr. Lee and support him with the upmost respect. The best thing for the patient to do is not speak, and lay and rest during the procedure! Come to the procedure with positive energy.

The healing process: This part is the shocker, because you will go through a phase of regret, feeling completely deformed, as your eyelids can look uneven and you could feel super deformed for the healing process. This is temporary and normal and there’s nothing you can do except wait. The eyelids will heal, even if they look uneven and really deformed. To speed up the healing process, don’t cry- it’ll make it worse, and get your mind to focus on other things. Try not to stare too much and obsess over it! It’s like staring at paint dry, but if you get on with your life, it’ll heal without the unnecessary stress.

How my life turned out after surgery: I had the confidence to pick a man, instead of one picking me and me just going with whoever picked me. I started focusing on self-development instead of trying so hard by buying lots of pricey clothes and trying to look sexy with hair and makeup. I began a pursuit of becoming purer and loving, because I started to work on myself from the inside, instead of focusing on being “fake” on the outside with so much makeup. Yes, a surgery is “fake” but it was a huge release for me. The wall has come down between me and the world.
Immediate post-op: Right after surgery, I spent a lot of time doing the makeup thing with the eyes for about a year, and then I slowly stopped wearing makeup most days! I’m not the same glam-girl I was before surgery. I became the gal that’s comfortable in her skin in public without makeup.
How the surgery made me feel: It gave me the confidence to have a relationship whereas before, I wouldn’t have a real relationship for fear the man would think I were “ugly.” My looks, I don’t think about much at all anymore. It’s like I “forgot” about it, because I no longer have to put in the effort to hide monolids (eyes with no crease).

Odd topics no one talks about:

*I feel like I transitioned from the ugly girl to a cuter one. It’s an internal battle, because you’re not used to getting more attention and stares. I was confused for a year with the attention I was getting, my self-esteem was low, yet I looked “better.” That transition itself is like forming into a new person.

*If people ask me whether they should have surgery I say “no” because when you want something that bad, you go ahead and do it! Nothing can stop you! I wouldn’t ever want to make that decision for someone. My decision was based on a leap of faith and thinking that anything was better than nothing! I was sure about going through with it, knowing it would only help with my daily regimen.

Glad I took that leap of faith!

*When you get a procedure, it’s not going to make you look perfect. There will be slight variations and nothing is perfectly symmetrical.

*Please, take your time and do your research if you have no idea what you’re doing. I did three years of research off and on, and do not jump into a procedure out of impulse. I have heard a horror story of a girl who went to the wrong Dr. with no experience and ended up committing suicide. She had zero support. It’s important to know going in this, we are all a little crazy, and to keep strong with your emotions. Go with the Dr. that you trust, and make sure it’s purely for cosmetic reasons!

*Don’t ever go for price. I initially wanted to do the non-incisional surgery because of price and I was scared to do the full incision. Always think long-term. I absolutely desired the incisional asian eyelid method results and glad I went for it with Dr. Lee! I can’t imagine going to another Dr., and if Dr. Lee didn’t do this, I don’t know if I would have done the surgery.

This is a controversial surgery as people believe Asians are erasing one’s race. I love the monolids on people yet I feel like on me, I prefer the double eyelid- which I have now! Some Asians are born with double eyelids, and some aren’t. It’s like a girl with freckles that likes them on other people but doesn’t like them much on herself.

At the end of any procedure, life is still going to be “hard” and you’re still going to have the same feelings before and after a surgery procedure.

To see my eyelids, live, feel free to look at my videos on YouTube under Bob Rob!

1. Age: 31
2. Location: Phoenix, AZ
3. Doctor: Dr. Charles S. Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA
4. Cost: $3,900

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