Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care

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Before Laser Hair Removal 1 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.
Before Laser Hair Removal 2 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.
Before Laser Hair Removal 3 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal 1 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal 2 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal 3 - Bad Laser Hair Removal Experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care  - review image.

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Hi - My name is Katy and I'm from Los Angeles, CA. I went to Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care for my laser hair removal treatments.  

For laser hair removal, there is no pre-op (At least there wasn’t for me any of the times I’ve had the procedure done, and I went to different places for each area being treated).  I did not know anything about this place when I chose it, except for that the price was favorable ($94 for 6 treatments); I bought the deal on Groupon.  

I have wanted to get laser hair removal on my legs for as long as I can remember, but I couldn’t afford it until I found this Groupon deal.  I had no idea what to expect, but I went into it hopeful that the treatments would work. I have very pale white skin, but my body hair is black and grows very fast, so unlike my blonde friends who can get away with not shaving for a few days because no one will notice, I would have to shave my legs every day if I wanted them to appear hairless, but even then they never did.  Even if my legs felt smooth to the touch after shaving, with my skin being as light as it is, you would be able to see the part of the hair that was still under the skin.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, I am very prone to ingrown hairs, so I would often get red bumps on my legs that looked like pimples but were actually (sometimes puss-filled) ingrown hairs.  However, I was optimistic that the treatment would work despite being cheap because as someone with light skin and dark hair, laser hair removal should—in theory—work very well for me.  However, this was not the case with this laser hair removal experience.  In addition to the Groupon I bought for leg laser hair removal, I had also bought Groupons for underarm and bikini laser hair removal at different places and also for very affordable prices (compared to the average cost of laser hair removal in those areas).  My experience at both of the other places I went to was favorable, but my experience at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care was awful! To begin with, the type of machine they used at the other places was different than the machine they used at this place.  At the other places, the laser came out of the tip of a tube, so they were able to pinpoint each spot and didn’t usually miss spots, but the machine at Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care was like a small pie roller. They would cover my legs in some sort of gel at the beginning of each session (I’m pretty sure it was ultrasound gel, which I found to be very weird), and then roll the, well, roller, across my legs.  All of the zaps that came out of this laser roller felt like they were inches apart, and even though different women performed the procedure on different appointments, they all missed spots.  When I finally plucked up the courage around the fourth appointment to tell them that I felt like they missed a spot on my leg, they brushed me off and said that they didn’t miss any spots.  Additionally, no matter who was doing my treatment, they always seemed to be in a hurry.  The women at the front desk would typically tell me that they were very busy and running a little behind that day, but honestly that does not make any sense because I was usually the only person in the waiting room and there appeared to only be one other patient being treated each time they took me back to the treatment room, (I know this because their office is very small).  Every time I went in, though, I ended up having to wait around fifteen minutes or so.  You also have to pay for parking on every day of the week besides Sunday if you want to park anywhere near the building their office is in, and the parking was not cheap!  One day I had to pay around ten dollars for parking; I only planned scheduled appointments on Sunday after that to avoid this extra cost.  I felt as if this place was trying to suck money out of me every time I went.  Every time I went, they would badger my from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out to buy more services from them.  Whichever woman was doing my treatment each appointment would even try to sell me on different services while they were rolling the laser machine across my legs.  I actually got the impression that they were doing a lousy job on purpose to get my to buy more laser treatments for my legs because when I would tell them that the treatment did not appear to be working for me, they would tell me that I really should buy a year’s worth of treatments if I want the laser hair removal to work, which is absolutely ridiculous.  There are parts of my leg that I’ll bet were never even zapped by that laser, and the post-treatments results show that.  Additionally, the treatments never hurt, which I found to be very disconcerting.  At the other places I went to, in my experience, the most painful treatments were the most effective.  In other words, the more it hurt, the more I knew it was working, but my leg laser hair removal treatments never hurt, not once.  I could feel the zap, but it wasn’t painful, even when I requested that they turn the machine up.  When I asked the woman to turn the machine up one week, she told me that increasing the intensity does no actually help the treatment to work better, which is a blatant lie.  They were more concerned with trying to sell me Restylane injections and B-12 shots during my appointment than to actually laser the hair off my legs.  But I haven’t even come to the worst part of my whole experience with this place.  I had my last appointment scheduled on a Sunday, which was marked on my calendar, and that they even called to remind me of the day before and that I confirmed, but when I arrived to their office, no one was there.  All of the lights were off in the office and the door was locked.  I tried calling and could hear their phone ringing inside the office, but there was no answer.  I didn’t know what to do, so I waited outside for fifteen to twenty minutes hoping someone would show up because I had driven 45 minutes to get to there, but no one showed.  I checked my voicemail to see if I had missed a call from them cancelling my appointment but there was nothing.  I waited for three days after to see if they would contact me to apologize or give any sort of explanation for not being open, but they didn’t, so I finally called them on Wednesday to reschedule my appointment.  

I am very unhappy to report that after all of this, the treatment did not work and I still have hair on my legs.  My hair does grow a bit slower than it used to, and there are some small patches where the hair does not seem to grow back, but overall, it was a failure.  Needless to say, I would NOT recommend anyone to go to Los Angeles Aesthetics and Skin Care for laser hair removal!


Extra Information About My Laser Hair Removal Procedure: 

My Age: 23

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Doctor: N/A (Whichever girl was working at the time would do the procedure)

What I paid for the procedure: $94 for 6 treatments