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Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted was a butt that projected. I had the flat stomach, breasts and legs, even hips, but my butt was lacking. It was the one feature on my body that I really disliked.

When I was in college, I started doing a lot of squats based on butt lift workout routines I saw on Youtube and Instagram. I tried them for a few months and they made my butt tighter, they just didn't add the projection I was looking for. 

Convincing myself I needed a Brazilian butt lift was big step for me. I hated the thought that I would need to put myself through surgery to give myself a nice bottom! And for that reason I first considered the Sculptra butt lift, but it was so expensive ($15-20,000k) and it seemed like there were more favorable reviews for BBL surgery than Sculptra butt lifts.


I consulted with Dr. Mark Broudo and Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta. Both doctors are highly regarded board certified plastic surgeons in Miami and I have friends who've gone to and love both of them. One friend had a breast augmentation with Dr. Broudo and the other a tummy tuck with Dr. Mendieta. Both doctors were nice, had great before and afters pictures and nice offices, but I could only choose one and I went with Dr. Mendieta. I just liked what he had in mind for me more than Dr. Broudo, although they were both top notch and had the training and results I was looking for. It did ease my mind hearing both doctors say I was a good candidate for a BBL and I wasn't crazy. 

Preparing For My BBL Surgery:

To prepare for my BBL surgery, I did a few things:

1) Got all of my comfortable loose clothes lined up. I made sure I had loose jackets and shirts with zippers in the front. (To all the ladies having BBL surgery: make sure you have loose clothes, because after your surgery, you'll be put in a compression garment and your body will hurt from surgery. You need to make it as easy as possible for the nurses to put the garment on you.)

2) I bought a BBL pillow off Amazon. You don't need a BBL pillow (you can use rolled up towels or sheets) but I would suggest buying one. This pillow prevents pressure on your butt when you're sitting down or in a car. Putting too much pressure on your butt after surgery can kill the fat cells that were placed in your bottom. If they die, you're not going to get the projection you want and your surgery will be for naught! They're inexpensive compared to what you'll spend on your BBL too! I bought my off Amazon for $59.

3) I stopped taking aspirin, fish oils and vitamin E weeks ahead of surgery. This can impede your ability to heal. I switched to other supplements, such as vitamin C and iron to help my body recover from surgery.

4) I made sure my mom was available to stay with me for 48 hours after surgery. You will need help after surgery. It's not easy to move for the first 2 days post-op. 

The Day Of My BBL Surgery


I arrived at the surgical center around 6 AM for my 7:30 AM surgery. I was given a surgical gown and then met with Dr. Mendieta. We went over the pictures of what I wanted, spoke to make sure we were on the same page and then he placed markings on my body. Then the anesthesiologist came in to speak with me and an IV was put into my arm. I walked into another room and was wiped down with an antiseptic solution. I was then told to lie down on the surgical bed. Not long after that I was blacked out. I didn't even know what had hit me. It was lights out time.


I woke up in a recovery room and I was very sore. My body felt like it had taken a beating. The areas where the lipo was done hurt the most. After some time, I was wheeled out of the surgical center and I remember being so worried about damaging my butt sitting on the wheelchair. The nurses assured me it was ok to sit like that for a few minutes, as long as I didn't do it over long periods of time.

At home is where things got uncomfortable and messy. My mom helped get me to my bedroom and there I lied on my bed face down. I had been warned to cover my bed and it didn't take me long after being home to find out why - I bled all over it. My body was leaking big time! Blood and fluid - you name it and it seemed to be coming out of my body. Even with the adult diaper I had on that carried my drainage tubes, I was in a puddle of my own fluid (I know this sounds gross, but that's the reality of what I was going through).

The next 4-5 days of my recovery were difficult. I was in pain, needed constant help getting out of bed and going to the bathroom and was soaked with my own fluid. Disgusting is a good way to describe how I was feeling for those first few days of my recovery.

It was not until a week later when my drains were removed that I started getting a sense of normalcy. I was still required to wear my compression garment for 2 months, but at least I was able to take it off and shower every day! I still had a lot of itching and boy were my hips wide from all the swelling, but I could get around on my own.


It probably took 6-7 months before I was able to see my final results. I went into my procedure knowing that it would take a long time before the fat transfer took hold and I could see the final projection I wished I would end up with. My end results were in line with my expectations. I didn't want my bottom to be too large, but I did want it to have a nice bump in the back when I wore a dress. It was nice losing some fat in the areas that were liposuctioned too.

Tip For Other Women Considering BBL Surgery:

1) Consult with more than one doctor. You want to make sure you pick the right who has your expectations at heart. Don't let he/she sell you on a procedure you don't need.

2) Make sure your doctor has lots of positive reviews

3) Make sure your doctor has plenty of before and after photos of other BBL patients he/she has done. Ask to speak with some of those patients too. You should raise a red flag in your head if they say none of their 'happy' patients are willing to speak with you.

4) Buy the BBL pillow I mentioned above.

5) There are plenty of doctors who have good bedside manner and are gifted surgically. Don't settle for a doctor who is a good surgeon but has a bad personality. There are many plastic surgeons and you shouldn't settle for one.

6) BBL surgery is expensive. (Dr.Mendieta was particulary expensive compared to other surgeons in the area, but I believe it was money well spent.) Make sure you factor in the time off from work you'll have to take and post-op garments and massages (if you want them).

I wish everyone reading my review the best of luck with their BBL surgery journey!


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Thank you for all your amazing information! It definitely helped me think about this procedure and the aftercare. I went for a consult with Dr Mendieta over the weekend:)