BBL Surgery With Dr. Fisher on 12/2017

harmonetdaily Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Location: Miami, FL Cost: $7,000

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

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Hi! I received a Brazilian butt lift by Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami, FL in December of 2017. Also, I am 20 years old.

My experience with Jolie’s Plastic Surgery was overall amazing! I’m not from Florida, so everything pre-op was either on the phone or through their portal service. They let me know everything I had to do prior to my surgery, like getting blood work done, deadline for the payments, and any documents I needed to sign. When I got there, I will say I was caught off guard a little bit that its located in a shopping center and they have also changed their name twice already. Besides those two things, everything else checked out fine. Everyone is extra nice and Dr. Fisher is really friendly and down to earth.

The first day I paid for the drug test, garment, and foams. I also signed some more documents/ consent forms. Overall, I paid about $7,000, including my flight. $6500 was the special I got, but then you have to add in the cell saver ($528), the garment ($160 ish), the forms and boards ($60), and the medicine ($100 ish).

The day of my surgery everything went smoothly. I personally feel like the whole surgery went pretty fast or maybe that was just the medication. Assuming this is normal because I’ve heard this from so many other people, my face was very much swollen when I woke up (probably from all the fluids) and I was freezing cold. They had me wrapped up in 3 blankets, but I still felt cold for the first hour after my surgery.

My recovery process went well; I guess since I’m young and moderately active my healing process was much easier than someone 10-20 year older than me and not active at all. I had 4 massages by Marie at Jolie and they felt great. She always helped me in and out of my garment. You will be super stiff for at least a week and a half; you can’t even bend all the way down to put on your shoes. Items I bought that made my whole process easier would simply be sundresses, slips/ flip flops, hair braids and out of the way, and a BBL pillow. I was told not to bother getting a BBL pillow but it would have made things a lot better.

After week 2, you start to feel much better and back to normal. So, you want to do normal things, like go to the movies, go out to eat, and even just ride in a car. Having to stay off your butt for 4 weeks really hinders you from doing a lot of those things without looking awkward. I went to Olive garden one night with my boyfriend and had to alternate between kneeling and standing. It was a little embarrassing, so the BBL pillow is definitely one thing I would invest in. I also bought a “Go Girl” peeing tool and it was completely useless. Mine always over flowed because I would have to pee so much. Dr. Fisher told me I would not have to do any of those crazy myth to pee on the toilet but I found sitting on the toilet backwards helped me a lot. It made going to the bathroom much easier because even though your garment does have that pee hole; as females, we don’t have a straight stream of pee. It kind of sprays, so holding that crouch part open a little more and having your legs opened wider because of sitting on the toilet backwards, it makes it less likely for you to leak on you garment. You don’t want to be walking around smelling like pee! The pre-op and surgery are the easy parts; the recovery is what’s hard. Good luck!

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I am scheduled for a BBL procedure in June with Dr. Hanabergh and I am beyond nervous. How have you dealt with the scarring? And the flying back since you aren't suppose to sit on your butt for four weeks?

Hi Uniquelymo - 

I had a BBL a few months ago. My scarring was minimal. The liposuction and fat grafting were done through tiny incisions that healed well. I did have to avoid lying on my back, but only for two weeks. I traveled for my BBL too and bought a special pillow to sit on when I was on the plane and in the car. This is the pillow I bought. It was a lifesaver and really helped. I'd be happy to answer any of your other questions and let me know how your surgery goes! 


Hi! Sorry this is so late but I used Mederma for the incision sites . As for flying, Dr. Fisher explained to me to sit only for take off and landing other wise stand. If you have a BBL pillow (i feel) It would be easier. I spoke with one of the flight attendants about standing in the back and they were understanding. Good Luck !!!!