BBL Surgery With Dr. Sergio Alvarez Went Just Right

user1629894 Patient gender: Female Cost: $6,000

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Butt After BBL Surgery - BBL Surgery With Dr. Sergio Alvarez Went Just Right  - review image.
Butt Before BBL Surgery - BBL Surgery With Dr. Sergio Alvarez Went Just Right  - review image.

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

Procedure review

My Brazilian butt lift surgery worked out so good. I'm a born and raised Miami girl and I first spotted my plastic surgeon, Dr. Sergio Alvarez, while searching Youtube for BBL reviews. I liked the results that I saw from patients who had their BBL surgery with him. So I reached out to his practice MIA Aesthetics and scheduled a consultation with him. He was so sweet during my consultation and I saw a lot of BBL before and after photos of patients who had the projection I was trying to achieve. I liked that he was a board certified plastic surgeon and had the credentials I wanted to see for me to feel comfortable having him operate on me. I read too many stories of women going to surgeons who aren't board certified and have no idea what they're doing and end up leaving people with horrible results.

My surgery went great. Dr. Alvarez has a nice surgery center. I had no problems with my anesthesia or anything. I was pretty scared about whether or not it was worth it to get elective plastic surgery to improve my butt, but now that I'm through it and recovered, it most certainly was. I paid a bit more than $6,000 for it and it was worth the money.

As far as post-op recovery goes, I wouldn't say it's a pleasure. You have all sorts of fluids oozing out during your recovery and it's difficult to sit down. You need a special BBL pillow and have to wear a compression garment to keep all the transferred fat where it needs to be. Recovery is a pain, but not something you can't push through. Your results will be worth the sacrifice...if you pick the right doctor.

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