Botox Cream vs. Botox

user1543626 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 40 Cost: $800

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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About 6 months ago I got botox injections to my forehead to address some fine lines and wrinkles. After inquiring about where else I could get injected for some additional facial rejuvenation the nurse injector said that I could also get it under my eyes to address darks circles and crows feet. The procedure took about 10 minutes to inject a few spots. I was a bit nervous about the pain from the needles, and although they said they usually do botox without any numbing medications they did apply some sort of numbing cream to my forehead area to make me a little more comfortable.

After the procedure it actually felt pretty cool. My forehead felt super smooth and my facial muscles were a bit tight but nothing like some of the stories you hear where people say they can no longer move their face. When I looked in the mirror I noticed my lines were gone from my forehead and my eye bags were reduced. Botox seemed like a Godsend and I even considered asking the nurse to work on my smile lines the next time I went in.

About 4 months after I got botox I had gotten laid off from my job, so aside from me not being very happy I also was kind of scaling back on certain items. Getting botox was definitely not in my budget. It actually is quite expensive. It costed me like $800 for my first time and she gave me my under eye area for free. You can easily find yourself spending $1000 every 3-4 months no sweat.

I knew that it was def bogus but I heard about a "botox cream" called Bee Venom that claimed they were better than botox. Although I knew it wasn't going to be better and it was just a marketing tactic, I still figured I might as well try the cream since it was only like $100. I was hoping to see a little bit of improvement from the skin care product. When I applied the wrinkle cream it felt pretty cold on skin and I noticed that it did give a kind of freezing effect to the area it was applied to.

I used it as an eye cream and an anti-wrinkle cream to my forehead. Let me be clear, it is not even in the same category as real botox, but it does give your skin look a little refreshed for the evening if you are going out. And if you apply it twice a day you can definitely see some skin rejuvenation, but its more of a better skin glow from non-dehydrated skin.

Botox cream is not a botox alternative. It is just a marketing tactic, but that being said it can give your skin a boost. Expression lines, fine lines, eye wrinkles, and eye bags can be improved on a short basis with this skin care product. When you try skin care products I think you just need to be reasonable in what you expect. No cream is going to do what a hyaluronic acid can. Botox works for sure. Creams you need to just give them a try and see if it gives you some improvement. Even if it is a placebo at least it will improve your confidence.

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