Botox Helped Refresh My Look at 40

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

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I was about to turn 40 years old and was looking to “refresh” my look. I was really unhappy with my “elevens” or in my case, a “one” because it gives me RBF and makes me look kind of angry. I also wanted to diminish the lines around my eyes when I smiled. I don’t really have any lines that are visible around my eyes unless I am smiling but I don’t want them to start. I was also starting to see fine lines forming in my forehead.

I chose Forefront Dermatology on a recommendation from a local Dermatologist. I live in a small town and there is not many cosmetic Dermatologists in my area. I traveled about 35 minutes away to go to this Dermatologist. She was very friendly and spunky and I really liked her. She had a fun and youthful demeanor even though she was probably in her late 30’s / early 40s. That made me really like her. Besides that, her skin was flawless. I felt comfortable that she knew what she was doing. She took a look at me and told me how many units she thought I needed and what the cost would be. They charged $10 per unit at the time. She was very straightforward and I don’t feel like she tried to oversell me. I have paid more and less for Botox before. I don’t really hunt for a bargain price with Botox, I just try to research online reviews and word of mouth to make my decision on who to go to. I am weary of ‘bargain Botox’ - It can quite possibly be too diluted. An average price for Botox is $9-12 per unit, in my experience. I always try to go to a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

Moving forward, she cleaned the areas to be injected with alcohol and proceeded with the injections. She first injected inbetween my eyes with about 50 units of Botox. I require a lot of Botox inbetween my eyes because I have strong muscles that don’t respond to a normal amount of Botox. She then put about 20 units of Botox in my forehead and other 20-25 units around each of my eye areas. There was no numbing cream used and I tolerated the needle pricks very well. I was not counting but there were about 10-15 actual injections done. There was minimal pain. The areas of injection swelled with a little bit of a bubble but that went away pretty quickly. The Doc said the Botox would take 3-5 days to work, or for me to see results.

I feel like I saw and felt immediate results in my forehead. It was my first time getting Botox in my forehead or around my eyes, but I have had Botox inbetween my brows a few times. It felt a little heavy and slightly strange to have Botox in my forehead to be honest. I didn’t really like the feeling and have not had Botox put back in my forehead since. I think I may change my mind about that since my forehead lines are becoming more visible and they are really starting to bother me, especially when my makeup settles into them making them even more visible. My eye lines were gone in a few days and I had some very small light colored bruising from that. However, the lines in between my brows never completely disappeared. There was slight movement still, even with the 50 units. I still had a line, even though the overall appearance between my eyes was improved. I think I am at the point where I have to combine a filler with my Botox to completely get rid of the line.

Overall it was a great experience, albeit expensive for something that barely lasted 3 months for me.  

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