Botox is a Miracle Treatment

ChelseaNich Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26 Cost: $200

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

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With age comes knowledge, wisdom .... and wrinkles. Thank the higher powers for the magical thing that is Botox! It seems that once I turned 23, it was down hill when it came to deep set wrinkles in between my eyebrows and forehead. No matter how many different creams I spent money on or how much I took care of my skin, those wrinkles were going no where. I wanted them gone (out of sight out of mind). Once I turned 24, I knew this was the year to correct this "anger lines" before they got any worse. I knew nothing about Botox and how it really worked aside from it helping to diminish and 'fill' fine lines/wrinkles as well as to help prevent both of those from getting worse. 

I made a call to a local medspa with an amazing reputation in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. External Affairs was the location i contacted and with no hesitation they took in me for the appointment. When I arrived at External, the girls had me fill out a question booklet. Answering everything from past mental health issues to listing all of my current prescribed medications. Once finished, I went straight in to see the head doctor at External Affairs so I could get the go ahead prior to meeting with the nurse and having any injections. He cleared me with the green light and off I went for my consultation. I went twice for botox injections on my forehead. This first time, I was with nurse Khalyn. She was great with letting me know how Botox works along with side affects and how long it lasts. Prior to having me lay down on the procedure bed, she asked me if I wanted to go with Dysport or Botox, she explained the differences in both but recommended I go with Botox. 

Laying down she let me know that I would need no numbing as these aren't area's that need it. Also, that we were going in with 7 units of Botox between the eyebrows (she felt anything over 10 would be overkill). I had 100% trust in her opinion as well as her knowledge of recommendation. She played me back and with the smallest of needles, one by one they were placed above my eyebrows to remove my anger lines. It took less than 3 minutes from start to finish. Prior to me leaving, Khalyn let me know to avoid any strenuous activity for atleast 6 hours and to not lay down for 4 hours as well as any results will be visible within 5-7 days. Down time was extremely minimal, no pain during or after the procedure and results were visible within 5 days post injection.

Fast forward 4 weeks later, I felt I needed more of my anger out of my forehead (I'm a nice person, I swear!). Again I booked an appointment at External Affairs in Edmonton and off I went. This time my injector was nurse Shelly. Hands down, amazing. During the consultation I expressed to her how I wanted to see more of my anger wrinkles on my forehead disappear with the help of more Botox. She explained to me how she would inject the units of Botox and where, and how the end result would look. Again, no numbing was necessary as these areas don't need any. Shelly want in with 13 units of Botox within my forehead. She also corrected a small area that would pucker above my left eyebrow every time I would raise them. The needles injecting the units are extremely small and provide less pain that the removal of a pimple. During the injection period, she asked me to raise my eyebrows and to sit up slightly. After that, safe to say the injection process was completed! Less than 8 minutes to complete my forehead. 

Aftercare was much the same as last time with nurse Khalyn, avoid any physical activity, don't lay down for 4 hours, results in 5-7 days and no alcohol (I forgot to mention that in previous paragraphs). Alcohol and Botox don't mix, simple as that. Pain after having the Botox injected was non-existent. I seen results being within day 4 of the injection and full results around day 10. I still have movement within my eyebrows and able to laugh and show expression minus any wrinkles or anger lines! 

Let's close this off with the Botox bill. At External Affairs, 1 unit of Botox costs $10 (same for Dysport). No more, no less. Both visits combined I was charged a total of $200 plus tax. I can easily look in the mirror without focusing on the monsters that were my anger lines. Feeling happily satisfied is putting it lightly as to how happy I am to go through the day with a full face of makeup on and not have any of it settle into my fine lines/wrinkles. Botox will last 4-6 months, I feel no shame in setting aside money to maintain to disappearance of my fine lines/wrinkles. A million thank you's to the ladies at External Affairs for creating happiness where it was unavailable. 

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