Botox To Prevent Forehead Lines and Fix My TMJ

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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Botox killed two birds with one stone for me. I'm in my late twenties and I wanted to prevent my forehead from developing lines and I have suffered from TMJ for a long time and Botox has helped improve it. 

I went to see Dr. Jamie Schwartz at The Roxbury Institute. He was incredible and has helped keep me looking young and really helped my TMJ.  I had really bad TMJ for most of my life. I tried mouthguards and they didn't do anything for me. I would chew through them regularly, to the point that I have chipped teeth in the past. I would clench down so hard at night that I would wake up with headaches on many mornings.

Dr. Schwartz injected the Botox into my masserter muscle (main jaw muscle). When I tell most people that, so they wonder how I'm able to still chew food if my jaw muscle was frozen with Botox. The Botox doesn't completely freeze my jaw muscle, it only weakens it, preventing my muscle from being as strong as it normally in. The injections he put in did not hurt at all. I even remember telling I feared they would hurt but that they were nothing after the procedure was over. 

The amount of Botox Dr. Schwartz injected into my forehead was minimal. He told me I was too young to have many units put in and I really liked his honesty. He didn't oversell me on more Botox than I needed. 

The needles used to inject Botox are so tiny that you hardly feel them. Dr. Schwartz also uses a technique where you are reclined and he injects from behind, where most doctors inject from in front of you. He also grabs the muscles above your eyes, so that there stunned and you feel the injections less when he injects you. I have to say that there was such little pain that I'm not even sure I should call this treatment a 'procedure.' My entire treatment took minutes and I was not swollen after it. 

I would recommend Dr. Schwartz and Botox. Both are great and I have had no side effects from my treatments. Botox and a doctor's time are expensive, but in this case, I was certainly worth it. 

Dr. Jamie Schwartz

Beverly Hills

The Roxbury Institute - Beverly Hills

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