Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm Fillers All Injected in a Single Day

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If you are under the age of 18 and reading this review, do not get cosmetic surgery! Your bones and cartilage are not done growing and getting plastic surgery before you're of age is a huge mistake.So don't do it, please! 

There, now that I've put up a disclaimer, for the rest of you who are over 18, this is my experience getting Botox, cheek and lip fillers.

A little background information on who I am. I'm 28 years old and from Boston, Massachusetts. I was 27 when I got my first procedure, lip filler injections. They were very painful. Far more painful than my cheek fillers or Botox. I was also very swollen after the procedure. My lips were huge and it took a week for the swelling to go away.

A year after my lip injections, I visited with a different nurse injector at a plastic surgeon's office who came highly recommended by my friends and when I looked her up online, she had great reviews too. This time around the main reason I was going in was because I did not like how flat my cheeks looked. They made me look tired and I'm still in my 20s, so that was pretty depressing. My dad and brother both suffer from flat cheeks too, so it's definitely a genetic issue.

My injector was running a special on fillers and Botox and so I got them both done. I guess it was dermal filler giveaway day, LOL.

For the Botox injections, I have resting bitch face and hate how my eyebrows drop down so much. I told my injector I wanted to still be able to move my eyebrows and so she injected me higher up on my forehead. The injections hurt less than a mosquito bite. They were literally nothing at all.

I had 1 mL of Radiesse injected into each one of my cheeks. The pain level of these injections was a 3 or 4. It didn’t not feel like I was being injected, but it was hardly anything.

Lastly, it was time for the injector to do my lips. I was scared, because I remember how much it hurt the first time I got them! I had 1 mL of Juvederm Vollure injected into my lips. I was told Vollure was a newer filler that prevented swelling (and boy did it work). The injections hurt far less than the first time. I would say it was a level 5 on the pain scale (vs 8 the first time).

I had absolutely no bruising, swelling or anything after my injections. My nurse did such a great job. This experience was a lot better than the first time I got lip injections.

The costs of my injections were as follows:

Botox - $99 per area. It normally costs $200-400, but they she was running a special.

Radiesse - $399 for the first syringe and $329 for the second syringe. Normally Restylane costs ~ $650/syringe, so this was an amazing deal.

Juvederm Vollure - $299. I paid $550 for my lip injections the first time around.

The prices I paid were an an absolute steal. The deal was the only reason I had so many things injected. Normally I would tell people not to go to the place that gives you the best deal, but I had heard good things about this place. My injector was super professional and very light with her touch.

My Botox will last about 6 months and I love how satisfying it is, so I'll be getting that again. My Radiesse injections should last 2 years and my Juvederm Vollure injections should last about 1 year.

At the end of the day, if improving yourself makes you feel better than go for it. Do I think I needed these procedures? No, but I knew it would make me feel better if was done correctly. And it was done correctly and I am really happy with the way I look now. Find yourself a great injector and everything should work out for you. Good luck ladies.


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