Botox Treatment For 11 Glabella and Forehead Lines. Before and After Photos.

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Botulinum toxin A

Performed 2016

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Im 35 years old, received Botox recently at the Delta Laser and Skine Care Centre in Delta, BC, Canada and this is the experience I had while receiving this treatment. 

I struggled with the dreaded “11” glabella frown lines in-between my eyebrows for years, since I was about 20 years. I also had one eyebrow that was higher than the other and had some fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. I had been told by a friend of mine who works in plastic surgery, that I should treat my lines before I formed any deep wrinkles. If deep lines started to form, I was told I would need filler to fix the issue too. I decided to look into botox injections to help solve my 11 line issue.

I finally made the decision to get my forehead wrinkles and fine lines fixed with Botox at the Delta Laser & Skincare Centre in Delta, BC, Canada. During my consultation, my doctor, Dr. Fleming, asked me an interesting question: “Chrissy, when you are talking to people, do they appear anxious around you?”, I said “Yes, that's actually really interesting you mentioned that”. Dr. Fleming explained that I had fine lines on my forehead that made me appear worried and anxious whenever I opened my mouth to speak. She said there were 3 lines that went up and made me appear worried and anxiety-ridden. She said Botox in this area could create a more calming look for me, which I thought was so interesting but made a lot of sense! So, we did 20 units of Botox in my “11” line area, we did 20 units in my forehead to adjust my eyebrows and fix my “anxious” lines. Then we did some additional units around my crow’s feet around my eyes. I felt no pain at all, just a tiny pinch at the injection site here and there from the needle. The doctor used an ice pack after each injection to assist with any pain, bruising and swelling. The treatment was so quick and over within about 10 minutes. My face had no swelling or discomfort in my treatment areas. I could carry on with my day without any issues. Within about a week, I noticed significant changes. It was amazing. My forehead was smooth with no “worry lines”, my brows were perfectly balanced, no crow’s feet around my eyes – I felt amazing. My fears of having a toxin injected into my face were quickly put aside but how great I looked! Makeup was sitting so beautifully on my skin too, with no creasing by the end of the day. I expected fewer wrinkles, but was left with none! This procedure has been such a wonderful experience for me. I had great results and I highly recommend Botox for anyone wanting to smooth out lines/wrinkles and get a beautiful youthful glow again. I would even recommend having Botox if you're suffering from migraine headaches or muscle spasms. I had a friend who suffered from migraines and muscle spasms for years and was treated with Botox. If you do decide to get Botox, make sure you see a qualified health care provider (plastic surgeon, nurse, NP or PA).

For a video of me receiving my Botox treatment, see below.


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