Botox Treatment Review For Forehead Wrinkles: Worth it, Pros and Cons

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2016

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Age:  26

Miami, FL

Dr. Sergio Alvarez – Alvarez Plastic Surgery, Miami Beach, FL

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I must admit, I was always a bit skeptical about getting a Botox (botulinum toxin) treatment. The idea of injecting a toxin into my body scared me. Being in the beauty industry since my teenage years, I've heard many mixed feelings about the product. I honestly never thought I would try it but being a beauty blogger and having always had bad skin, I like to wear a full face of make-up. Although I’m only 26, I have rather dry skin and I was starting to see the make-up creasing and falling into fine frown lines on my forehead. At the time, I was managing social media for plastic surgeon Dr. Sergio Alvarez, MD, in Miami Beach, FL and at the last minute as we were setting up to inject my lips I asked him to perform Botox injections on my forehead as well. I was extremely nervous until the first needle went into the injection site. The needle is so small you honestly feel nothing! There is a slight crunch when the needle pierces the skin, similar to the popping of a pimple but no pain at all. He injected my glabella, and above my brows into my forehead lines. Although there was no pain during the procedure, I had bad headaches in the few days following. Headaches are something I never get and I have had them on and off since the injections. I also had a little bit of swelling, but it went away after a day. The injections are now starting to wear off in month 4 and the headaches have seemed to ease up a bit but I am also starting to see my forehead lines reappear again. It is such a weird sensation while the Botox lasts, almost as if your forehead is numb to the touch and when you try and move it there's no movement at all even though you feel like it is moving. Will I do the injections again? Yes probably, though if I have the headaches again I probably won’t continue with it a 3rd time. I do, however, absolutely love the way my Botox-treated forehead looked!! I feel like I had the forehead I had at 18 years old! I'm hoping next time it will last a bit longer. I would recommend getting Botox from a board certified plastic surgeon or other board certified health care provider (dermatologist), if you are not happy with the lines on your face. The one thing I can say with certainty is that Botox will absolutely help with your facial lines.

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Sergio Alvarez

Miami Beach, FL - Zwivel Sign 5 (1 review)

Alvarez Plastic Surgery - Miami Beach (Florida)

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