Botox For Under Eye Wrinkles

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

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I am not sure why but I have suffered from very dark under eye circles for my entire life. It must be genetic because my mom has them and so does my grandma. I have always loaded up on under eye cream to try and hide the puffiness - I have probably spent thousands of dollars on different "state of the art" creams that are supposed to hide the dark circles. Aside from applying heavy concealer under my eyes, I have not found something that worked spectacular. I am sure that I have improved my under eye wrinkles a bit with my constant use of creams, but nothing that would make you say "wow."

I have been hesitant to use botox for any type of wrinkling just because the thought of putting "poison" into my body did not sit right. I have always been super health conscious, so using botulinum toxin, kind of went against my beliefs. However, after a discussion with my dermatologist and finding out that a bunch of my girlfriends got botox to address some forehead wrinkling, I decided I would give it a shot just on my under eye wrinkles.

Even though my Derm said that it doesn't work on everyone's under-eye area, I figured that I would give it a shot. If it did give me some improvement I would be a lot more confident in my day to day routine. And in the long run probably save some money if I didn't have to constantly buy expensive under eye creams.

Dermal fillers would probably provide a more consistent positive outcome, but I decided against them because the use of fillers does stretch your skin a bit.

When I got them done, there were a few marks put on my under eye area for where the injection site would be. I felt a few pricks when the injections were made, but it wasn't painful at all. I was in and out in about 15 minutes. For a few days after the botox injections, I did have a bit of bruising under my eye. It kind of looked like a slight black eye. I started to see results from the botox about a week after getting the injections.

For me, botox for under eye wrinkles absolutely worked. I am extremely happy with the results that I got, with very minor side effects (bruising). If you do have some volume loss or under eye bags, I would ask your plastic surgeon or dermatologist if botox would work for you. Like I said above, I was told that for some people it doesn't work - and you may be better off going with a filler. The success I had will definitely make my decision of using botox in the future for fine lines on my forehead and crows feet a lot easier.

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