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Hey guys! I wanted to share my experience with my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, or BBL for short. For those that are unaware, a BBL involves a two-step process where the surgeon first performs liposuction and then uses that fat to enhance the butt. To give you a little background into my story, I am a mother with 2 children and while I adore them, I did not love the post-baby bod that I was left with. I would consider myself a health-conscious person who works out on a regular basis and watches what I eat, with the occasional cheat day. During my second pregnancy, I worked out up until the end of my third trimester, hoping that it would be both beneficial for my baby and my body! As you might have guessed, there was literally nothing I could do to eliminate those unwanted fat areas, whether it was that dreaded “mommy pouch” or love handles. No matter how hard I worked in the gym or how many sit-ups I did, I was not able to see significant results.

Eventually, I decided I would look into alternative measures of dealing with these stubborn body areas and I initially thought of liposuction to remove fat. Living in London, I had done some research and was able to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon who had come highly recommended. He wasn’t the top surgeon, but had good experience with positive results on a consistent basis. Unfortunately for me, the price was a staggering $17,000 pounds for a mommy makeover which he recommended! It was a total non-starter and I left the office feeling very down as I had thought it would be more reasonably priced. I was hoping I could get away with non-invasive body contouring or lipo but I was told that I needed a tummy tuck and lipo with potentially a breast lift (mommy makeover).

I wanted something to boost my confidence with my body but I thought that I mommy makeover was a little too intense for me at this time and way too expensive. I did want to do some sort of plastic surgery but was still trying to find what the right procedure for me would be.

As the weeks went on, one of the celebrities I had been following on Instagram started posting pictures of her BBL results. She looked absolutely stunning and I was blown away. I started doing research into the board certified plastic surgeon she used and took the first steps by reaching out to them. I was required to send them pictures of myself, which I felt insecure about, but when they responded I was very pleased to find out that this price was way more reasonable and I was a good candidate. As opposed to 17,000 pounds, they offered to do unlimited areas of liposuction and fat transfer to the butt for 5,000 pounds.

The one caveat was this surgeon was based in Turkey so it would involve a trip as well as being in an unfamiliar place for my brazilian butt lift procedure. At first, I did not consider leaving London as surgery is a large undertaking and I wanted to be close to home. However, seeing the results of this surgeon and hearing all of the testimonials convinced me to change my mind. It took a little time and effort to convince my husband, but seeing how unhappy I was with my body, he eventually agreed and we put down the deposit.

When I arrived at the hospital location, I was blown away by how nice it was. It was clean, beautiful, and all of the nurses and staff were so accommodating. The surgery itself was very smooth. The surgeon ended up using excess fat from my chin (just a little), knees, and the stomach/hip area. When it was all said and done, he had put 1000 cc’s into each butt cheek, which is quite a lot. With fat grafting not all of the fat cells get accepted by the body so its important to over fill the buttock area.

Post op, There wasn’t much pain when I woke up from the surgical procedure; it was more of a pressure sensation and they do give you morphine so that helps. Right off the bat, I was ecstatic at the results. My waist was so thin and my butt looked amazing! Because of this, the little pain and pressure I felt in my butt region was not an issue at all. I left the surgery with pure excitement (aside from the grogginess of course). But like I said I knew that after the swelling went down and some of the fat was rejected my butt size would go down a bit - which I was okay with.

The day after my butt augmentation was pretty smooth. I was a bit swollen around my waist, which is completely normal, but it hides some of the effects of the liposuction. My face was a little puffy as well and there was stiffness throughout my body. As time went on, there were still some creases in my stomach and hip region, but with some massaging it got much better. My surgeon even offered to rectify some of the crease marks at no extra cost so I did end up going back for that.

Many people have asked about the pain sensation so I figured I’d talk about that. Off the bat, I should mention that I’m a huge baby when it comes to pain. With that said, the first couple of days in my butt lift recovery were tough for me. You’re not allowed to sit or put pressure on your backside and the body is definitely recovering quite a bit. So for me, those days were a bit rough and I honestly asked myself why I would put myself through this. However, by day 3 I realized I was just complaining and it became clear how great my body looked. I would definitely do it again if that gives you any idea of the minor inconvenience and pain involved.

People respond differently to surgery and while I was more swollen than others, I didn’t get the bruising as badly. Some people will be covered with black and blues at the liposuction incision sites, but mine were pretty minor. Similarly, everyone’s body will heal at a different rate, but people can expect to see their final results in 4-6 months. Of course, you will see some changes right away, but this is when your body starts to really take to it and it becomes more natural. I will leave you with a similar point; namely, be patient with yourself and know that it takes a little time for you to see the results. Even after the surgery, there will be swelling so don’t jump to any conclusions. It took a few weeks before I really noticed the effects of the liposuction and BBL and things started to smooth out. Now as things progress, it continues to get better and I couldn’t be happier with my butt lift results.

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