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Performed 2017

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What's up everyone? I wanted to fill you guys in on how my Brazilian butt lift surgery went with Dr. Karlo Capellan in Manila. 

First off, he is such a nice guy. He is willing to spend a lot of time chatting with you and goes over any concern you might have. I didn't feel worried like I thought I would feel nearing a surgical procedure. Dr. Capellan puts makes you feel like you've been his friend for a long time.

The reason I wanted a Brazilian butt lift was because I'm young and my butt wasn't big or perky enough. I wanted to add volume to it to give it that lift that would leave me with a nice bum bum. I had tried natural ways, like resistance band butt lift workouts and dieting. The butt I wanted didn't come with these techniques though.

Dr. Capellan operates out of a surgical center, which is also where you get your pre-surgical tests. Mine included a lab test and an ECG. Before your surgery, you have to fill out the usual patient forms like you do whenever you're in a medical office. Dr. Capellan kept telling me how important safety was because a BBL was pretty big surgery and I would be placed under general anesthesia. I can't say I disagreed with him. I wanted to make sure I woke up from surgery too.

My day of surgery went exactly as I had expected. I was given an IV in my hand and some medicine through it. The medicine made me feel good all over my body. It made me feel very calm and was a pleasant feeling. Surgery went by in a flash because I was knocked out for the old thing. When I woke up, I felt so numb from the medication I was given that I didn't have pain but was half awake from the anesthesia.

My initial results look good but my body needs more time to heal. I have to wait for all the swelling and bruising to go away before leaving my final thoughts. In a few months once I have my final results I'll update all on how my butt turned out. Stay tuned!

Dr. Karlo Capellan


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