Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video.

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$11,900 Dr. Tarick Smaili Beverly Hills, California
Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video. - review image.
Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video. - review image.
Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video. - review image.
Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video. - review image.
Brazilian Butt Lift Experience With Dr. Smaili in Beverly Hills w/ Cost, Photos and a Video. - review image.

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"Brazilian butt lift"

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My name is Toni Duclottni. I'm 35 years old, live in Studio City, CA, and recently had brazilian butt lift with Dr. Tarick Smaili (Smiley) at the California Institute in Beverly Hills, CA. The procedure cost $11,900 and this is my story.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to plastic surgery, as well as the motive behind wanting to have a procedure done in the first place. As a mom of two, my reasons for choosing elective surgery was simply to restore my body back to what I perceive as a presentable state. After gaining over 80 pounds during my first pregnancy, my body was destroyed. However, I quickly lost all the weight I had gained, plus 2 pounds, which left me with so much skin hanging from my stomach and breast (after 6 months of breastfeeding). My breasts were essentially flattened like pancakes with two chocolate chips pointing toward the ground.

My first round of plastic surgery was basically a "mommy makeover" which included a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation. That was 12 years ago and it is still the very best decision I've made for myself since becoming a mother. My self-esteem was restored and finally after 18 months of working out religiously, I could walk past a mirror and stare at myself in delight rather than in utter disgust. So often I was advised by naysayers to "just workout", as if a workout program would cause my skin to retract back into my body and my stretch marks would magically disappear. I will tell you now, It doesn't matter how many different workouts or butt exercises you do. None of them are going to restore your pre-pregnancy body.

More recently, I decided there was something else I wanted to do for myself. I have never liked the size of my rear end. I'm naturally shaped like a narrow pencil; very straight up and down. Fortunately, my breast augmentation and my muscular thighs have helped to give the illusion of a curvy body depending on how I styled my clothes. At the beginning of 2016, I decided to seriously consider a BBL, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, where my own fat is removed via liposuction sculpting and then transferred to my buttocks and hips. I did not have enough fat initially to get the procedure done and had to gain at least 20 pounds. Though it was somewhat fun, I had a hard time gaining weight because I was still trying to work out as well. Finally, in August of 2016, I stopped working out completely. By November, I had gained a few pounds more than my goal of 20. On November 28th, I went in for my BBL surgery with Dr. Tarick Smaili aka Dr. Smiley at the California Surgical Institute in Beverly Hills, CA. I was a bit nervous but the excitement outweighed my nerves. My butt was so small and even after two children, my hips were not only nonexistent but they were slightly indented. Unfortunately, I gain weight all over, from head to toe which means I had to have more areas liposuctioned to harvest enough fat. In total I had 5 areas done; my bra roll, lower back, flanks, inner thighs and inner knees. The surgery went well outside of me waking up from anesthesia during my procedure. That was so scary, because I was still paralyzed and couldn’t move to alert anyone. Eventually the anesthesiologist realized I was awake and quickly took me back under.

Overall, I was very happy with my results even though I was expected to lose about 30% of the fat transferred. That’s something to consider when deciding on how big to go. I ended up losing about 50% of my fat once it was all said and done. Since my doctor was aware of the potential loss, he made my butt bigger than what I wanted it to be. I’m glad he did because now I have the perfect size for my frame and pear shape. If anything, I would have liked to have had a bit more projection in my hips. Typically, most doctors use a 1/3 of the fat for projection in the hips and the other 2/3 for the buttocks. I had 900 cc’s placed in each buttock.

The recovery process is the most difficult part of it all in my opinion. Immediately after the surgery, I just remember being in so much pain. My butt was probably the only thing that wasn’t hurting. One good thing was that I didn’t have to have any drains. It’s common to have drains put in after a BBL, however it’s based on a case-by-case decision from the doctor.

Day one through three were the most difficult. I remember thinking that I needed stronger pain meds. Because I had liposuction performed on 5 areas, my whole body was sore, especially my inner thighs and knees. For the first week, I wore the first stage garment or faja with foams and could not take it off for a week other than to sponge bathe briefly each day and only after the 2nd day.

Things got progressively better as each day passed. After week one, I went into my second stage garment, which had much more compression than the first one did. The garment should stay on at least 23 hours per day leaving 1 hour for showering. I wore my garment for 4 months instead of the minimum of 3. It really did help so much with the swelling and shaping. I sometimes will still wear it.

Around the 12th day post op, I found myself severely constipated. It was the pain pills. I was taking them too frequently, which caused the widely known common side effect of constipation. Once I got passed that ordeal, it was smooth sailing. I started back driving right at week two post-op, using my pillow of course. It’s best to stay off your butt (applying direct pressure) for at least 6 weeks to give the transferred fat a viable chance to survive. Sleeping on my stomach became a habit in which I still do to this day. Maintaining the fat after surgery is just as important as gaining it prior to surgery. I had to be careful not to do too much cardio so that I don’t burn up the new fat. That’s something I’m still learning.

I absolutely LOVE my newly shaped body and would do it all over again to achieve the same great results. Obviously, there are risks involved with any type of surgery and that is something that needs to be considered and taken seriously. Unfortunately, the only real negative experiences I had with either of my plastic surgeries outside of waking up, was being criticized by people and being constantly told that I need to learn to love myself "the way God made me". That had to have been the single most ignorant statement I've heard to date, but if you're considering plastic surgery of any sort, be prepared for people to have an opinion. Statements such as those should not affect your decision-making process. Do it because it's something that you want for yourself because that’s TRUE self love.

I've attached a video of my experience getting a BBL, along with before and after pictures.

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