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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

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My name is Tea and I'm 21 years old. I live in Manhattan and went to Dr. Basil Pakeman at Manhattan Surgical Care for my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL). 

After doing a countless amount of research and having 2 consultations, I ended up in Dr. Basil Pakeman's office for my consultation. I went in for the consultation and was introduced to one of his nurses who showed me to my room and handed me my paper gown, bra and panties.

After I undressed and changed into my gown, she came back to check in with me, telling me it would be about a minute wait and sat with me for company. The nurse proceeded to ask me what kind of procedure I was coming in for and I informed her that I was here because I was interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). She then told me that I had come to the right place because he did an amazing job when it came to that procedure. I thought to myself that she was only saying that because she worked there, but then she told me that he did the procedure for her and turned around to show me. I was impressed --she looked really good with minimal scarring-- I believe she said that the procedure was done about two months prior, so the scarring would continue to fade. It made me feel really comfortable with my decision to meet with Dr. Pakeman.

Shortly after, Dr. Pakeman came into the room and asked me what I was there for and I told him. I removed my gown and they weighed me -- I was a 121 pounds . He then began to grab at my flanks and abdomen, checking to see if I had enough fat to do the procedure. After seeing the nurse as living proof that it was possible to achieve my goals, I decided that he was who I wanted to make my dreams come true.

After he examined me, we discussed the total cost that I would have to pay, pre-op preperations that I would have to take and then I was signing my consent form. I was given a prescription for antibiotics, along with specific instructions to take them the night before my procedure and the day of and to make sure I had a good breakfast the day before. I was also told that when I come in on the day of my surgery I should be in comfortable clothing and have all jewelry removed, and that there should be no smoking or drinking before or after the procedure because it could slow down my healing process and then I was on my way.

I went and picked up my prescription shortly after I left. My procedure was scheduled to be two months away and I decided that I would eat as much as I could to gain a little more weight so that way I could have the biggest butt possible. I know that I am a beautiful person, but all through high school people used to call me "little butt" and I played it off like I didn't care, but deep down it bothered me. I am pretty in the face, had a nice slim figure and nice legs, but my behind was flat as a board and I had absolutely no hips .I hated it. I couldn't wear dresses, leggings, skirts because in everything I looked like a stick. I even opted to wearing long shirts and sweaters all the time to hide it . It didn't stop after I graduated high school -- people talked about it everywhere I went -- to work, classes, and even on the streets . I know what you're thinking "So you did this just so people can stop talking about you? Grow up! You shouldn't care what people think." No that's not the case -- I thought long and hard about this decision. I needed it so I could feel comfortable in my body and in the clothes I wear. Honestly and truthfully, I really wanted a perfect body. So I decided I would save up my money for the surgery. I felt like I needed it to be done and I needed it now, so I called the office and pushed up my procedure to be within the next 3 weeks of my consultation. I was that desperate to get my surgery done.

The day of my procedure, I went and got breakfast with my boyfriend (at the time) and we went in to the office. I was told that he had to stay in the waiting area or leave and come back to get me. This made me super nervous,  because I knew that I needed it done and I was willing to do anything to achieve the body I wanted, but I wanted him in there just to make sure I was okay. He told me I would be fine. So I went into one of the rooms to change into a paper gown, panties, a bra and they even gave me a plastic bin to my clothes into.

A few minutes later a nurse came and weighed me -- it turns out I gained 5 pounds between my consultation and the surgery day, so I was 126 pounds. The nurse then brought me into the operating room. (They locked the bin with my personal items in it). I sat on the operating table and one of the nurses had me lie down as another was filling up bags of liquid. She said it was a numbing fluid that would be put in for the pain and then an IV was put into me as we were talking about how nervous I was. They told me I had nothing to worry about because both of them had the procedure done by him. This eased my nerves. They made me feel like this was so normal and we were just having a regular conversation. I almost forgot where I was.

Shortly after, the Doctor walked in and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was a little nervous. They began pouring a brown liquid on me and they said it was an antibacterial solution. The doctor told me to count to 10 and then I drifted off to a semi- sleep. As he was working on me, they would tell me to move over and turn around and I was conscious enough to do what they told me but I was still asleep. It didn't hurt at all, I just felt the pressure of the needle going in and out of my buttocks as he did the fat transfer but I didn't feel the lips of my flanks and abdomen.

I was fully awake 4 hours later and one of the nurses showed me the pictures she took right after he was done, as another handed me a cup of orange juice with pulp. I hate pulp, but my butt looked amazing and I was able to ignore it. I was so happy because it was plump and that's exactly what I wanted. One of the nurses helped me put on a compression garment that I was instructed to wear for 24 hours for the 1st week, then 12 hours for the 2nd week and then helped me get dressed. They had me sit in another room, so I could wait a while as the affects wore off and they brought my boyfriend in to see me. They gave me another cup of orange juice and I was told that I should take an extra strength Tylenol every 7 hours and to come back in the morning for my 1st day post-op appointment.

During my surgery ,there was minimal pain. All you really feel is soreness in your abdomen, flanks and slight tension on your buttocks, because it is being stretched with all the new fat that's in there. I came back the next day feeling a little sore and walking a lot slower than usual, because I could feel everything pulsating. They took pictures of me and told me I looked great. They also gave me a heads up that the swelling would go down in a month and it would look small but be patient because once the fat that has been transferred gains its own blood supply, it will plump up and look round again. I was told to come back in a month. I was glad they gave me the warning, because when I noticed the swelling going down, I was slowly hurt because I loved the swollen look, but over time it did plump up and I was once again happy. I was told the healing and recovery process would take 6 months, but the soreness and tenderness was gone in about 2 months.

I hope my story helps those of you considering BBL surgery. I'm happy I was asble to share my story with you all,  because I want people to know that it is okay to want to enhance your features, even if sometimes it is frowned upon by some because you should be able to be comfortable in the body you're in. After all, it is your life, right?

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also why did you decide go for a second round?

love your results btw!

honestly 1-10 how bad was the pain during? im about to get surgery with the same doctor in 2 weeks. super nervous about being awake, the ideal surgery to me is going to sleep and waking up with everything done lol