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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


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I know that some people are never going to support plastic surgery but I feel my choice to have breast augmentation gave me a huge confidence boost and Im ecstatic that I went through with the procedure. Before I got my boobs done I was a small 32B and after getting them done I am a 32D. For me its perfect because I have beautiful curves without it being obnoxious. The plastic surgeon who did my procedure was Dr. Landon Pryor in Rockford, Illinois who is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He was amazing and the nicest, down to earth guy imaginable.

For our initial consultation he observed my body and I explained to him why I was self concious about my breasts looking to be different sizes. Also the nipple on each were not symmetrical. This always caused me discomfort with taking my shirt off during any romantic endeavor. He showed me silicone breast implants and saline implants and explained the difference between the too. We both agreed that although they were more expensive, silicone implants was the right implant type for me. They felt more natural in my opinion.

*Note - It is harder to notice a capsular contracture with silicone implants*

When we were discussing size I told him that I wanted substantially bigger but nothing that would be too uncomfortable for me on a daily basis. He said that he will not know what size implants he would be putting in until during the procedure. But he told me it would probably end up being in the large C range to small D range, which I felt comfortable with. Since my breasts weren't completely symmetrical there was a chance that he would use 2 different sized implants, however he ended up using the same and readjusting the nipple placement. The size of the implants ended up being 360CC and like explained above my bra size is now around a 32D.

I was a little bit nervous the days leading up to the procedure because I had never been put under with general anesthesia before. Even though breast surgery is a very common procedure, I had heard of horror stories with patients getting a stroke or even dying from anesthesia. But I was pretty confident that Dr. Pryor and his surgical assistants were experienced and that I was in good hands. I stopped eating or drinking anything at about 10 pm the night before the surgery. It is important that you do this because you need to have a completely empty system when administered the anesthesia.

My dad drove me to the surgical center in the morning for the breast implant surgery. They checked me in and brought me back to a room where eventually Dr. Pryor came in and asked if I was ready. He told me that everything was going to be great and to take a deep breath and relax. He drew some marks on my breast, nipple, and armpit area and told me the nurse would be back to see me in a few. My implants were to be inserted submuscular and the incision location was to be through the armpit. This technique provides scarring that can easily be hidden.

The nurse eventually came in and rolled me to my pre-surgery room where I was met by the anesthesiologist. He put an IV in my arm and gave me the rundown of how I was going to feel. They start off with some sort of pain drip which made me feel like I was drunk. When in the surgery room I was told to count backwards and the remaining anesthesia process was administered (and the surgery was on - but I was out!).

They told me to count backwards and the next thing I remember was my dad standing over me in post op giving me ice chips. Dr. Pryor came in after about 45 minutes and told me that the surgery went great. He also told me over the next 48 hours it was important to optimize my recovery time with as much rest as possible. After a few hours in post op I was allowed to head home.

They prescribe you pain medication and an anti-biotic after the surgery. When I got home I put a bunch of pillows on my couch so I was propped up nicely but comfortable. I really was not in a lot of pain at all. I did feel a big nauseas but I was told that was most likely from weening off of the anesthesia. My chest did, however, feel very heavy and I didn't really feel comfortable doing a lot of moving. I would get up every once in a while to go to the bathroom. I really wasn't hungry at all for a good 24 hours (probably because I felt nauseas) but I made sure to drink a lot of liquids. Hydration is important for a healthy recovery.

My first night trying to sleep I probably slept 30 minutes. I usually sleep on my side but I was told to make sure I sleep on my back to avoid my breasts any harm. There are breast augmentation pillows that can be purchased so you sleep in the proper position but I kind of made my own makeshift one with a bunch of pillows. Like I said, sleeping was very difficult. I think its a combination of my chest feeling heavy and uncomfortable, with me not wanting to sleep in the wrong position and mess up the breast augmentation surgery that I have been waiting so long to get.

At around 5:30 AM I decided to just go into the living room and try and rest on the couch. It was a much more comfortable position for me. I probably nodded in and out in that position for a bit. That 2nd day I started to feel a little less nauseas and my appetite came back a bit. I still stuck to very simple foods like chicken broth in the beginning and then to a more substantial chicken soup. I ended up using the pain medication for around 5 days, until I switched to just Tylenol. I did feel a bit icky from the pain meds but they definitely work.

I had my surgery on a Thursday, so my follow up appointment was the next Tuesday. I was very excited for the doctor to remove the bandage on my chest so I could see my new breasts. When he took the bandages off there was still some obvious swelling and bruising to the breast tissue but I was over the moon excited with how my breasts looked. Dr. Pryor told me to continue resting and no strenuous activity for a while. And working out was obviously off the table for 6-8 weeks.

I continued my recovery at home with everyday feeling better and better. My mom would help me with my bandages and post surgical bra. It is also important that you massage your breasts so proper scar tissue forms and the implants fall into proper place. Each day I could notice the swelling going down and got more and more excited about my new body. Since the implants were put in under my armpits the visible scars are minimal. And I do continue to put scar cream on them to try and fade them more.

My patient satisfaction with this cosmetic surgery was an A++. I never imagined that a cosmetic procedure could be so impactful on my life but it most certainly was. My breasts are now symmetrical and the nipples are in the proper position. I know a lot of people will tell you just be happy with your natural breasts but some people have insecurities that can be fixed by a cosmetic breast augmentation. I hope this review gives other women the courage to just get the plastic surgery they have been wanting their entire life but were too afraid to take the plunge!

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