Breast Augmentation Experience: Flat Chested To C Cup!

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


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Hi all, my name is Natasha and I am 23 years old from Miami Florida. I recently got a breast augmentation done with high profile silicone implants. I want to start this review with talking about the importance of doing research on which doctor to go to. I had a friend who went to a doctor just because she read about him in a magazine and she ended up with a result she was not happy with. The experience my friend had emphasized to me the importance of finding a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a lot of breast augmentations in his/her career. A great thing to do is look at patients before and afters and try and match up a patient that looks similar to you. I was able to see girls that were similar size to me and I could tell a couple things - if I liked the work that was done, and what implant size would fit on a girl my size. I am quite petite standing at only 5'2" so I wanted to make sure I got breast implants that didn't look ridiculous. Another great source for vetting a doctor is social media. I started following a lot of doctors on Instagram and Snapchat to see their daily posts. Many posted before & afters and a lot actually showed them doing the procedure on Snapchat.

I ultimately decided on a doctor here in Miami because I really liked his before and afters and I later found out that one of my co-workers knew him. She said that he had done wonderful work to a bunch of her friends. This reassured me that this was the right choice so I decided to book an initial consult to talk about my new boobs.

During my consult the doctor discussed all of the different types of breast implants. I told him that I have struggled with my flat chest through my teenage years and wanted something that would give me some cleavage but was also a natural look. After he discussed the procedure with me, we ultimately decided that silicone implants were better for me than saline implants. I would be getting the implants under the muscle since I have not had kids yet. Usually if you haven't had kids they recommend having the procedure under the muscle so you can still breast feed. There are also usually less complications such as capsular contracture. My biggest question was regarding my lack of breast tissue. I was worried that since I was so flat chested it would be tough to fit the implant in. However, my doctor reassured me that there were lots of woman who even had less breast tissue than me that were able to have a pocket created and implants inserted. One thing that I think is very important is that you ask as many questions as possible. You are having plastic surgery done on your body so you shouldn't hold back with anything - no matter how silly it may sound.

I wanted to get my surgery done as quick as possible to I would be able to flaunt my body in the summer. Luckily, he was actually running a special and if I got the procedure done before spring I would be able to get the implants for $4100. The saline implants, which are made of saline water, was actually on sale for even cheaper - around $3,000 but when discussing with the nurse she recommended paying an extra $1,000 for silicone Although money was not my determining factor of what doctor I chose, this was a great deal that only added to my comfort in my decision to have the procedure done with this doctor.

Before I left my initial consult I booked my appointment and put a down payment on my procedure. They make you come back for another pre-op appointment 2 weeks before the procedure so you can fill out all of the paperwork, as well as give you a list of all of the things you must avoid prior to surgery. The list was mainly certain prescription drugs, alcohol, and if you smoke you are supposed to stop 2 weeks prior to surgery. They also give you a bunch of prescriptions to pick up and bring the day of surgery:

  • sleeping pills - in case you have trouble sleeping because of the pain
  • hydrocodeine - for the pain - but I ended up taking tylenol because I was not in a ton of pain
  • nausea pills - in case you feel sick from the anesthesia
  • anti-biotic for infections - I took this for 7 days after getting the augmentation surgery

There are multiple ways that the implant can be put in depending on your body and what you and your surgeon decide on. You can have it inserted through the armpit, through the areolas, through the belly button, or underneath the fold (which I had). With each of these techniques you are at risk of a small scar. I was happy with under the fold because I would be able to hide the small scar with a bathing suit - I really didn't want a scar underneath my armpit. To try and have the scar fade I have been using a scar cream 3 times a day (1 month after the procedure).

The day of the procedure I showed up at the surgery center early in the morning. I hadn't eaten for over 12 hours because it was important that I do not have anything in my system. The nurses make you take a urine test to make sure that you are not pregnant and then they get you ready for pre-op and bring you back to a medical room. While in the room the nurse asked me a ton of simple questions like "What is your name?" and "Are you here today for a surgical procedure?". I think that they do this to make sure that you are coherent and not under the influence of any drugs.

After about 15 minutes of questions and talking about what is going to happen with the procedure the anesthesiologist came into the room and introduced himself. He explained that he will be administering general anesthesia and I would not feel a thing. It would be given to me through an IV and it will feel like I closed my eyes and then woke up in post-op. Before he administered the anesthesia, the doctor came in and marked me up for where the incision sites would be and where the pocket would be. After being marked up they get you on a roller and bring you to your surgery bed to get your drugs before the surgery.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt a bit dazed. I ended up waking up and falling asleep a few times. I found out the next day when I went in for my post-op appointment that I woke up and said "Yay I have boobies!" which I thought was pretty funny. I honestly didn't feel any pain at all when I woke up. I know that they do put some pain killers in the anesthesia so maybe that eased my pain but I really did not feel uncomfortable. After a little while I was kind of grasping my surroundings and realized I was in post-op when I looked over and saw my mom sitting in the chair. I remember she asked me how I felt and I said "I feel fine." They told me that after surgery your chest will feel very heavy, almost like an elephant is sitting on it but I really didn't feel that at all.

Once the surgery was almost ready to begin, the doctor made sure I was comfortable and told me the nurse will be giving me some "happy juice" to relax me before the general anesthesia. Even though I felt like I was in great hands I was very nervous to get plastic surgery because I had never had a surgery done or put under anesthesia before. I remember my heart was beating so fast, but once you get the "happy juice" you def calm down a lot. It was kind of like I was tipsy from drinking. Let me note, I think it is perfectly normal to be nervous but you need to trust that you gave this a lot of thought and you are making the right decision.

All in all I was at the surgery center for a little over 3 hours. I showed up an hour before my surgery, then the surgery took about 45 minutes, and finally I was in post-op recovery for about an hour. When they feel like you are ready to leave the facility they put you in a wheel chair and discharge you. Like I said before I didn't really feel a lot of pain when I stood up. The only thing that really happened was a bit of nausea standing up the first time, but I bet that was a combination of not eating anything combined with the anesthesia. The doctor ended up putting 325cc silicone implants into each of my breasts and my cup size is now a C. He knew the natural breast look that I was going for but he said he would not know until the surgery how big of an implant he was going to use.

A day after the surgery you go in for a post op appointment to make sure that everything went well with the procedure. The doctor changed my bandages and band aids and told me that everything looked great. This was the first real time I got to look at my new boobs. They were pretty swollen, but I expected that. They provide you a post surgical bra that you are supposed to wear for a few days after the surgery. I think that I had moved on to sports bras about 3 days after the procedure. By the time I went back to work I was using a sports bra. Since I got the implants underneath the fold, it was very important that I did not wear a wire bra because there are stitches underneath and you don't want to mess them up.

Its pretty crazy but my recovery was a breeze. I got the surgery done on a Thursday because the doctor said I shouldn't be driving for at least 4 days. Also, they warned me that I may not be able to lift my arms above my head after the surgery because of the trauma to the pectoral muscles. However, I didn't really have any of these issues. By the weekend I felt fine, maybe a bit groggy because the general anesthesia was still wearing off but nothing that was alarming. I did, however, follow the doctors orders and didn't drive until I went back to work on that next Tuesday. I have heard stories of some woman's recovery time being a lot worse, but I guess there is always a chance at complications when you are undergoing surgery. It could also depend on your age and size, but I was able to bounce back pretty quick.

For about a month after the surgery I had bandages on around my breasts and had a special band on to make sure that the breast implants fell properly. Another down side of the surgery was that I was not allowed to workout for a month. After 4 weeks I was able to start doing light cardio exercise. They recommend that you wait 8 weeks until you start weight training but I could not wait that long. After 6 weeks I began to introduce weights back into my workout regimen. I made sure to keep it light because I did not want to do any damage to my upper body or chest wall and have to go through another procedure.

I ended up having to go see the doctor at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a year after the procedure to make sure that everything was healing correctly.

Overall my breast augmentation experience was amazing. I finally am not flat chested and finally have some curves that I never had before. My confidence is highly increased and I feel way more womanly. I went through a lot with this review and how to make sure you have the best experience so I hope that you can use what I did to make sure you have the same great experience. Breast augmentation surgery, although quite common now, is a big decision to make so don't rush your decision.

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