Breast Augmentation and Lift Experience with Photos and a Video!

BrandyBowden Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Location: Greensboro Cost: $8,950

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Breast Augmentation and Lift Experience with Photos and a Video! - review image.
Breast Augmentation and Lift Experience with Photos and a Video! - review image.
Breast Augmentation and Lift Experience with Photos and a Video! - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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Hi, My name is Brandy Bowden. I'm 22 years of age and live in Greenboro, NC. I had a breast augmentation and breast lift performed to help improve my very saggy breasts caused by ptosis. Being only 22 years old, having sagging breasts isn't something you would expect. And when I say saggy, I mean my breasts were hanging down to my belly button. Due to this, I have never been happy or satisfied with my breasts.

For a little background on why I have saggy breasts, it might be because I used to be very overweight and then thinned down. When I got pregnant, I went from a B cup to a DD and then back down to a very saggy B cup after breastfeeding. Having saggy breasts at 22 was the reason I decided to have plastic surgery to fix my breasts.

I decided to visit a plastic surgeon in Greensboro, NC for my procedure. The surgeon's name is Dr. Gerald Truesdale. At my consultation, Dr. Truesdale was pretty shocked at how low my breasts hung. He decided that a mastoplasty (breast lift and augmentation) would be the best thing for me. He said that an augmentation alone would not lift my breasts to the position they needed to be in, so I decided to have both procedures. I did not want my new breasts to look the same as my old ones, with just a large chest. The two procedures together came out to $8950. I used CareCredit to finance my procedure.

The day of my procedure I arrived at the surgery center early in the morning. I was not nervous. I was ready to get my breast surgery and get rid of my saggy breasts. I was placed under general anesthesia and waking up with wraps around my chest.

The recovery from my breast lift and augmentation was pretty brutal. I could not lift my arms or do anything else. I needed pain medication and had to sit upright at home for a while. Fortunately, my boyfriend was able to help with everything.

After a few days, I decided to take a peek at my breasts to see if they were still saggy. The doctor told me not to do that, since there would still be a lot of swelling and bruising, but I couldn't resist. I took a look at them and to my dismay, one breast was still sagging. Thinking this might be because it was swollen, I decided to wait 6 months and see how my breasts looked then.

After 6 months, my breasts were still sagging. I decided to make a follow-up appointment with Dr. Tuesdale and at the consultation, before I could even mention my one breast was still sagging, Dr. Truesdale said I would need a revision surgery, because he wasn't happy with how much my breasts were still hanging. He told me he would do the revision for free and I asked him about having some liposuction done at the same time, which would cost $1800 (see my experience with liposuction here). He would also make my areolas smaller during this second procedure, which I needed, because my areolas were huge! I said fine.

I had my second procedure and had a much quicker recovery after it. It was nowhere near as bad as the first time. I did not require much pain medication and was back on my feet within a day. My abdomen hurt from liposuction, but that was really it.

Now that it's been a few months after my surgery, I am happy to say my breasts look amazing. They are no longer different sizes! Neither breast sags at all. They are both perfectly perky and this has really given me a boost in confidence. Having lift and implant surgery has really given me the natural look I have always wanted. These procedures have greatly boosted my self-confidence and Dr. Truesdale was a great doctor. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone considering having breast implant surgery!

Dr. Gerald Truesdale


Greensboro Plastic Surgery Associates - Greensboro

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