Breast Augmentation and Lift W/ 450cc Round Textured High Profile Silicone Implants

SLisewski Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Location: Brisbane Cost: $9,571

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Before Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery - Breast Augmentation and Lift W/ 450cc Round Textured High Profile Silicone Implants - review image.
Before Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery - Breast Augmentation and Lift W/ 450cc Round Textured High Profile Silicone Implants - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2016

Procedure review

 Hi, My name is Sara and this is my experience with a mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift, and a breast augmentation.

For some reason my boobs never filled out, so they were just very empty and saggy for no reason at all as I did not have kids nor did I lose weight. I was always bothered by my natural breasts and they made me self-consciou, but I knew when I was old enough I would do something about it. Unfortuantely, I also knew how expensive a breast lift with implants would be.

I got to the point where every single day I would be holding my boobs up in the mirror imagining what it would be like to have them look nice for once. Eventually, I decided to finally just go for it and pay the money to have a breast augmentation.

I started following plastic surgeons and augmentation patients on Instagram and Snapchat to get ideas for what I wanted mine to look like so I could show my surgeon. I also wanted to get a better idea of what was involved and I sent pictures to numerous surgeons, all of which came back saying I required a full breast lift.

One thing I was also very confused about was implant size, because it's almost impossible to get an idea of what size will look good on you based on what other people have. I saw people with 300cc implants that looked enormous and then others with 500cc that just looked very average sized. It all depends on your body shape and size so I had absolutely no clue what breast size I wanted to be. Hot tip: just pay attention to what you like visually rather than worrying about cc size until you have a consultation, as your surgeon will go over all the details and help you choose the right size for your body type.

I eventually ended up deciding on having my breast surgery done by Dr. Ian Chinsee. My surgery was to be performed in Brisbane, but he works all throughout the country. I settled on 450cc round textured high profile silicone implants, that were to be placed under my chest muscle (helps prevent capsular contracture) and my breast lift would be performed through an anchor incision (the incision resembles the shape of a ship's anchor).

On the day of surgery, I was at Canossa private hospital and everyone there was incredibly helpful and calming. My surgeon, Dr. Chinsee, was super friendly and I felt completely comfortable with him. While he was making markings on my chest before surgery, we were just having a laugh. He's just so easy to get along with and so helpful. He was very patient and took his time and answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed and him and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend him.

Once I was in the operating room, I was quickly put to sleep with general anesthesia and the surgery was over in a flash, in and out the very same day and back in my own bed. My medication cost about $26 AUD ($20.71 USD) and that included 4 different prescriptions - pain medication, antibiotics, etc.

I was required to have a caregiver for the first 48 hours post op, so my mother took a week off from work, which was a blessing because I was basically a vegetable for the first 5 days so my mom helped with everything and I just rested for the first few days. The first few weeks of my recovery time were a bit tough, but after that, things got easier. I wore a compression bra with some cotton padding in it for the first week and I couldn't take it off or see my breasts to see what they looked like, if they were swollen or had any bruising, but at my 1 week post-op appointment, I finally got to see them and they were PERFECT.

Now that my breasts have healed, I am absolutely over the moon with how they look. I am very happy I had both a lift and breast augmentation procedure, because I could not be happier with the my new breast shape and size. My breasts have a natural look and I'm happy about that! Australian Cosmetic Clinics as well as Dr. Chinsee are super friendly as well as fast to reply and help as soon as you need it.

For just under $12,000 AUD ($2000 off the regular price for a promotion) this was the most affordable surgical procedure I had seen without having to go to Thailand. Most quotes I got ranged from $15,000 + AUD.

I am so happy I went through with the surgery. I am no longer self-conscious about my body and I just feel so good about myself. I had an amazing experience from start to finish and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Chinsee.

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