Breast Augmentation Using Ideal Implants

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Breast augmentation - Saline breast implants


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Hey guys! The purpose of this article is to share my experience with breast augmentation surgery. I hope to provide an in-depth look at the process which will hopefully answer many of the questions I have been asked recently. From the start, it’s important to book your initial consultation in advance of when you plan on going. If the doctor is good, there is typically a 4-6 week wait time for this visit so make sure you plan ahead. Also, my recommendation is to plan a few different consultations so you don’t feel stuck with the first doctor you meet. I learned this the hard way after I really didn’t click with the first doctor I met. Luckily, I didn’t jump at the first one (even though I had waited and was anxious to get the ball rolling). Therefore, be patient and make sure you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon.

I ended up going with a local plastic surgeon that had performed a breast augmentation on someone I knew and her breasts looked fabulous. I also felt comfortable with him after the meeting so I went ahead and booked the surgery. For anyone curious about the initial consultation, they take a bunch of before pictures and measurements while you’re also able to ask them any questions you have as well as gather more about their experience. Ladies, be tough on them! Don’t feel intimidated to ask any questions you have on or to let them not fully satisfy your concerns.

Before even going into the consultation, I knew that I didn’t want silicone implants. From the people I had seen with this option, they always looked artificial to me. Therefore, I decided on the saline implant option, and specifically the Ideal implant. This brand is a saline product that incorporates pockets into its construction, which is meant to protect the implant (and look) in case of a capsular contracture. They were the more expensive option than the other 2, but when it comes to surgery, go big or go home. There’s no reason to cheap out on something that you have to live with every day.

As for my breast size, I ended up going for 450cc. In other words, I am currently between a 34/36 D. Because I had existing fat in my breasts, the surgeon didn’t actually put in 450cc but rather worked with the existing size to achieve this result. He ended up inserting the implants from under my breasts (and implanting under the muscle) and I did not have a lift. Generally, the lift will be performed in conjunction with the implants if this is your desired result. Most women's breasts start to sag after they have kids or as they age. Women can have excess breast tissue; In those cases a breast augmentation with a lift might be appropriate. Also, the surgeon didn’t recommend anything other than implanting under the muscle. Apparently going over the muscle has been known to result in complications and less natural breast results.

As for some of the reasons I went ahead with the plastic surgery, many opt for it after having kids or for similar reasons. For me, it was a function of a large weight loss and not having much to begin with. Losing weight for me translated into losing my boobs! I was simply tired of having to manipulate my breasts using very padded bras with a push-up! Even when I was wearing a B-cup, they were still big and a result of significant fat in the region. Many people advised that I wait until after having kids to have the surgery, which I completely understand. However, my reasoning was simple: I wanted to have fun with my boobs now!

While on the topic of motherhood, many people have concerns about breastfeeding after breast surgery. Even with the lift component, there isn’t anything to worry about. Essentially, the surgeon explained that successfully breastfeeding is a function of a person’s genetics and is not affected by the procedure. Of course, I can’t personally attest to this because I haven’t had any kids yet, but I have also heard this from many other people and doctors as well.

As for the surgery itself, you are required to stop taking any medicines (including herbal supplements) for the 2 weeks prior. Basically, this is to avoid any complications with the anesthesia. I opted to have the surgery in the morning as I really wanted to get it over with and then have time to chill afterwards. Prior to the surgery, I had never been under general anesthesia so I was very nervous! People kept asking how excited I was and all I kept saying was how terrified I was. Like many people, I thought I’d be that one case where I could feel everything but not be able to say anything…or quite simply, I would die. I know this probably won’t help, but coming from someone who was a total mess, relax: you’ll be fine!

Post-op, I ended up in the recovery room with my parents and I remember being really thirsty. The nurse gave me some ice chips to chew on to kind of soothe my dry mouth. The night after I had breast implant surgery was the only uncomfortable part, and even then, the pain was around a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Part of the pain was due to my ignoring the doctor’s advice to sleep on my back at an upright angle. You need to sleep this way for the entire healing process, which relieves much of the discomfort. Truthfully, sleeping is pretty difficult and finding those comfortable positions is tough, but honestly having new breasts is worth all of that temporary annoyance.

It’s pretty funny how having this surgery has eased many of concerns with cosmetic surgery in general. It was so easy and smooth that I want a Brazilian butt lift now, the tummy tuck, I want it all! I can definitely see how people can continue on with other procedures after seeing the success and minor inconveniences it causes. Anyway, I hope you found this helpful as you continue doing your research. I think it goes without saying that I am very pleased with results!

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