Breast Augmentation With 350 CC Silicone Gel Implants For 20 Year Old With Different Sized Asymmetrical Breasts

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Before and After Breast Augmentation - Breast Augmentation With 350 CC Silicone Gel Implants For 20 Year Old With Different Sized Asymmetrical Breasts - review image.
Before Breast Augmentation Surgery - Breast Augmentation With 350 CC Silicone Gel Implants For 20 Year Old With Different Sized Asymmetrical Breasts - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2016

Procedure review

Hi Everyone, My name is KC and I'm currently 21 years old (20 at the time of my surgery) and live in New York. I decided to have breast enhancement surgery after undergoing a breast reduction / reconstruction two years ago to fix my asymmetrical different size breasts. One of my breasts was a C cup and the other was an A cup. During my breast reduction surgery, the C cup was reduced to an A cup, so that both breasts were the same size. I also suffered from tuberosity, which caused me to have an accordion-looking breast shape. This left me with small breasts, leaving me in need of breast implants.



For my breast augmentation, I went to Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman, a board certified plastic surgeon and the chief of plastic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia in New York City. Before having my breast augmentation surgery, I visited Dr. Ascherman twice, because I was unsure of the breast size I wanted to be. After my second consultation, both Dr. Ascherman and I agreed that moderate profile silicone gel implants would be best for my breast type, because I didn’t want the implants to sit up high and look like they were in a push up bra even without a bra. To choose the implant size, I was instructed to bring an unlined and unpadded bra, that was the size I wanted to the consultation, so that the surgeon could place different size implants inside to give me an idea of what my breasts would look like. We settled on 350CC silicone implants for my left breast and a 325CC silicone implants for my right breast, since my left breast was slightly smaller. We decided on silicone breast implants over saline implants because it has a softer feel, which is the most similar to natural breasts. We also decided on doing the incision on the inframammary fold, because I had already had a previous breast surgery on my right breast, and already had scarring in that fold. Additionally, because my left breast was tuberous, meaning that the distance from the areola to the base of the breast was constricted, he needed to go in through the breast fold to release that breast tissue. Lastly, we chose to place my implants under my chest muscle, because this results in a more natural look and a reduced chance of forming a capsular contracture.

Before my surgery, I had to get blood tests done and have my physician fill out some paperwork. My breast augmentation procedure was scheduled for June 7th at 12 pm and I was told to arrive by 10 am. My surgeon’s nurse told me to let her know if I was feeling any congestion and I told her that I was sniffling a bit but feeling fine. She told me to take Sudafed or Claritin before the surgery to clear that up, because if the anesthesiologists see that I am sniffling, they might want to push back my surgery date. I was also told that I was not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the day of surgery because I was receiving general anesthesia. My surgeon told me that during the operation he was going to incline the bed to see how the implants looked and was going to have different implants on hand in case he did in fact decide to use two matching 350CC implants if he thought they looked better than a 325CC implant and a 350CC implant. He advised that with silicone implants, I would be required to get mammograms every couple of years because breast lumps are less easily felt due to the nature of silicone. He also told me that implants need to be replaced every 10 years or so. One thing I appreciated about my surgeon was that he always told me to have realistic expectations and to realize that my breasts would never look perfect. I went into the surgery knowing that my breasts would never look identical because I came in with differences and will come out with those slight differences too. I was also told to remove all piercings and nail polish prior to surgery.


Day of Surgery:

On the day of my surgical procedure, I arrived at the hospital and was given a robe, disposable underwear, and socks. Also, note that if you are on your period they’ll have you wear a pad, not a tampon. When I walked into the surgery room, I laid down on a very narrow bed and had straps put over my thighs and shins. I also spread out my arms to my side and onto these pads that were part of the bed. The anesthesiologist then placed heart monitoring pads on my chest and back. Once I came out of surgery, I woke up with an unpadded, unlined bra on. This bra was held together by velcro on the front and I had gauze on the top of my breasts being pressed into my chest by the bra so that the implants would start settling down. My surgeon came in and told me that the surgery had gone perfectly and that during surgery he saw that two 350CC implants looked great, so he went with two implants of the same size. I was very nauseous and was given an alcohol pad to smell and then two aromatherapy stickers, one lavender and one citrus. I also woke up with a very raspy throat, because I was given a breathing tube. I was on Percocet and anti-nausea medicine and a couple hours after recovering from the surgery, I was allowed to go home.


Post-op Recovery:

During the first week after my surgery, I felt very sore and found it extremely hard to sit up and walk. I slept with a lot of pillows and needed a good amount of help to reach for things, to sit up and pretty much any thing that required even the most minimal upper body strength. I continued to take Percocet pain medication and the anti-nausea pills, and by day five, I was feeling much better. I was given a steri-strips that stayed on for a couple of weeks after my surgery to help prevent the appearance of scars. Initially my breasts felt very heavy and tight, but after a couple of weeks they began softening and settling and no longer felt like a weight. They are now an indiscernible part of me and I am very happy!

For anyone considering breast augmentation surgery, I highly recommend both my doctor and the procedure itself. Having elective cosmetic surgery is never an easy decision, but for me, it was worth it.

I've attached before and after pictures of my breasts, as well as videos of my entire experience having surgery and post-op. Good luck!


Other information about my procedure and me: 


  • My Procedure was covered by Healthfirst/Medicaid Insurance.
  • I'm 5'7/225 lbs






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