Breast Augmentation with Areola & Nipple Reduction

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


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Nipple procedure - Nipple reduction


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Hello my name is Jessica and I am 36 years old from Scottsdale, Arizona. My main concern when I went for a consultation with my plastic surgeon was that my areolas and nipples have always been very large. I was going over my options with my doctor and he told me that nipple reduction was a very simple procedure. During my consultation I did also inquire about the recovery from breast augmentation. Since I was already there I figured I would ask, even though at the time I really had no inclination to get my boobs done as well.

The doctor told me that breast augmentation is a common procedure and that he has done thousands of them. He also explained that nipple & areola reduction surgery could be paired with a breast augmentation if I decided to get one. He told me to go home and discuss this with my husband before making a decision and call the office to schedule either the appointment for areola & nipple reduction, or a breast aug with areola & nipple reduction when I was ready.

After a lot of long glances at my naked upper body in the mirror, that breast augmentation surgery started to creep into my mind as a true option. I made sure to do a lot of research before making my decision. I went on to the doctor's site and looked at his photo gallery filled with lots of before and after pictures. I also read a bunch of reviews that I found online about the doctors skills and his bedside manner. I ended up deciding that I was going to have the breast surgery and the nipple reduction together, however I did need to apply to care credit before any of this could become my reality. I filled out an application and after about 4-6 weeks I was approved for the amount of money I needed for the surgery. It was around $9,000.

After I was approved I called the office and scheduled my appointment for surgery. I was to get silicone implants under the muscle and a nipple & areola reduction. If I just got the areola & nipple reduction I would have been able to get a local anesthetic to numb the nipple & areola area (which supposedly was simple and pain free). Since I opted for the breast augmentation as well I was given general anesthesia.

I also want to mention that the doctor did take a look at my large areolas in the consultation and showed me what my new areola & nipple size would be (roughly). Another great thing was that my areolas were always a bit uneven so he would correct this with the surgery as well.

The night before the surgery I fasted and didn't really get much sleep because I was a little nervous about getting surgery. I wouldn't consider myself a worrier, but I guess my nerves got the best of me. After getting about an hour of sleep I made my way to the surgery center with my husband for a morning procedure.

The breast augmentation and areola & nipple reduction surgery was a success and I remember waiting in post op with my husband. I think I kept asking for water, probably because I was really dehydrated from not eating or drinking much for a while. I remember looking down at my bandaged chest after surgery and I knew right aways that I was going to be happy with my breast size. I was sent home about an hour and a half after I had woken up. I was instructed to try and get some sleep leaning up against some pillows. It was important for me not lay on my chest because I could affect how the breast implant dropped.

The next day after another restless night of sleep I went for my checkup and the doctor inspected my chest. This was the first time I got to see my new breasts and I can tell you they did look a bit beat up at first. I could see a scar in my nipple area but I also noticed the size of my nipples were reduced drastically. The doctor told me that everything I saw was normal and it would be swollen and black and blue while I healed up. He told me to continue to take my pain medication for 3-5 days until I could ween off of it and start taking tylenol.

I am writing this review 6 months after having my procedure and everything has healed up and I have never been so happy. I never thought I would have opted for plastic surgery but it was a great boost to my self confidence. My breasts are symmetrical and so are my nipples & areola. Not to mention the areolar reduction was a huge success, making my arerolas & nipples the perfect size. The scarring is really not so bad. It is worth these results with a scar than what I had before. If you are questioning having cosmetic surgery, I think that is important you discuss it with your loved ones along with your doctor.

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