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Performed 2017

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This has been a long time coming. My name is Jennifer and I am 37 years old from Atlanta, Georgia. I have wanted to get breast implants since I was 22 years old. I have been telling my parents that I was going to do it, and one reason or another they would talk me out of cosmetic surgery. Finally, now that I am a mature adult who does not need my parents approval I have decided that this was the perfect time to start visiting plastic surgeons so I can get perky, larger breasts.

Like I said, I have alway wanted these when I was younger because I wanted my breasts to match size, as well as maybe make them a little bigger. My right boob has always been noticeably bigger than my left when I am naked. I have done a good job with hiding the discrepancy with very good push up bras. However, I am very self concious when I am naked, although my husband has always given me nothing but compliments about my body.

Now that I am done having kids, I needed this done even more because my breasts were sagging to the floor (breastfeeding and a recent weight loss did not help). My girlfriend had a breast augmentation 6 months ago from Dr. Alan Larsen and it came out great, so I figured I would go in for a consultation with this Dr. I recommend that you do a lot of research about your board certified plastic surgeon if you do not have a "word of mouth" review. Unfortunately, with the internet a lot of doctors proclaim that they have certain certifications that they actually do not have. I would also make sure to look at before and afters because they usually give you a good idea of what you expect to be dealing with post-operation.

What I learned in my consultation is that everyone has a completely different body. Just because my friend got a breast augmentation does not mean that that was the right surgery for me. The doctor explained that since my breasts have dropped since having kids, just adding implants would not lift my breasts and make them perky again. It would just be larger breasts that droop. Since my friend never had kids, and was a lot more slender than me, it was fine for her just to get implants, but for me I was going to need a breast lift along with a breast augmentation.

When getting breast lift surgery there are different incision techniques that the doctor can take to raise your breasts. It usually depends on what the doctors favorite method is but it also has to match what will work for your body. Dr. Larsen used an anchor incision when doing my lift. This means the bottom portion of my nipple and then a straight line from the bottom of my breast to the nipple. The excess skin and breast tissue is removed so your breasts will no longer sag. There will be scarring but I believe the scarring will be minimal and I was willing to deal with a scar if my breasts looked perky again.

Although I did teeter with the idea of a mommy makeover, I thought that a tummy tuck was a bit excessive and could be a tough recovery. So, I was scheduled to have a breast lift with augmentation above the muscle. According to the doctor, with my body type above the muscle would suit me better. The implants the doctor used was Sientra Silicone implants and he put around 500 CC's in each breast. My right one got more than my left but I am not sure the exact numbers. The amount of advancements made with silicone and saline implants I think that it is mostly preference of what feel you like more. Make sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon and ask questions about what the differences will entail.

Before you go into surgery you need to prepare a lot of different things to ensure when you get out you can be set to have the best recovery possible. First off, there are a lot of different prescription medications and even supplements that need to be purchased. Here are some of the medicines I used:

  • Arnica Montana and Bromelain - these are natural supplements that prepare the body for bruising and swelling.
  • Vitamin C - I was taking 2000mg of Vitamin C prior to having the procedure to make sure my body was healthy and I avoided getting sick
  • An Anti-biotic - Obviously this will be the most important medication you take after surgery to avoid infection or post surgery complications
  • Pain and Sleep Medication - Taken as needed. I did use the pain medication for 3 days. They were very helpful but they did make me feel groggy so I eventually switched to tylenol when I felt the pain was not so bad. I didn't really need the sleep medication because the pain one knocked me out

Here are some things to avoid before surgery:

  • AVOID Pain Medication - You can't take pain medication for 2 weeks up to having the surgery because it could cause thinning of the blood. I was told I could take some tylenol if I needed but if it could be avoided it was best.
  • STOP taking birth control
  • STOP Drinking 2 weeks before - Drinking thins the blood as well
  • DO NOT eat after mid night before surgery

It is important that you get some good pillows so you are able to sleep upright for a week or so after the surgery. You will find it super uncomfortable, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach, but its important not to put pressure on your chest because of all of the trauma your body was just put through.

The day of the surgery I arrived at the surgery center around 6 in the morning. They took me back right away, took my vitals and I was pre-op'd for surgery. I remember the nurse saying we are going to give you general anesthesia now and the next thing I knew I woke up in post-op. When I woke up, my husband was right by my side which was a great thing to wake up to. Its important that you have someone there the day of the surgery. My husband even took Thursday, and Friday off from work because as the doctor told us I would not be able to lift anything at all.

The first day home from surgery I felt great. I think the anesthesia was still wearing off because I sat on my couch in my ace bandage and didn't have much pain. I watched an entire Saved By The Bell marathon and ate soup and a little pudding to get some more calories. To be honest I really was not that hungry. Even though I was not in pain, the first night sleeping was terrible. Trying to sleep while sitting up was very hard for me and I probably only got a couple hours of sleep. Throughout the first few days, I found myself able to get more sleep on my lazyboy in my living room versus my bed.

On the second day when I went for my post op appointment I felt very sick. I was now taking the prescription pain medication so I think that made me feel very nauseous, plus not having an appetite probably didn't help my body. One thing to note is that it's important to talk to your doctor about a stool softener because the medication does make you constipated.

Once we got to the following week, so like 5 days post surgery, I was able to get a good nights sleep in my bed. I'm not sure if it was because I was so tired or because the swelling and pain was reduced so I was able to relax and go to sleep. But as I mentioned earlier I was sleeping in an upright position with pillows that I had bought before the surgery.

Post Surgery Tips

  • Make sure to listen when they teach you about the massages you should be performing on your breasts. These are supposed to feel a bit uncomforable but that is what will make the implant drop into the proper place.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water - this will get all of the anesthesia out of your body and increase recovery time
  • Walk around or perform any exercises the doctors instructs you to - You need to keep your blood circulating so you avoid any type of blood clot from occuring
  • Choose an easy hairstyle - no one is going to see you so just put your hair in a ponytail or bun so you don't have to move your arms up to adjust it
  • Make sure all things that you need are not high up in cabinets. You should have your husband, mom, or dad put it on the counter so it is easily accessible

Getting plastic surgery is a tough decision but for me I knew it was something that I wanted to do. It has boosted my confidence times 100. I wish anyone going through this process luck and hope my review helped!

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