Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation Lifted My Breasts

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Breast augmentation - Fat grafting


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My name is Danielle and I am 33 years old from Scarsdale, New York. When I was younger I was always bigger than all of the other girls. Not only in height, but weight as well. It is probably because my family loves to eat and they passed that down to me. As I got into high school I started to become more active and began to shed a bit of weight. My father got me into field hockey and that helped a lot in my weight loss and boosting my self esteem.

Throughout my 20's I have been "thick" but not over weight per se. However, I have always noticed that my breasts kind of sagged or drooped a bit. I would blame most of this on my weight loss but who knows - not everyone can have perfect breasts. What I found myself doing a lot was buying padded bras and pushup bras so I could lift my breasts up and make it seem like I had some nice lifted breasts with cleavage. This definitely worked when dressed up but I still was not comfortable with what I looked like naked.

I decided that I would go in for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon just to see what my options are. I know there are a bunch of breast enhancement cosmetic procedures that could help my bust size and shape. I knew that I did not want to get breast implants for a few reasons. I did not want to replace them every 10 years, I did not want to have anything foreign in my body, and also I had a friend who had a capsular contracture so I was worried that would happen to me and I would need to get more than 1 surgery.

I told the doctor that I was pretty happy with my breast size, I just didn't like how I didn't have a lot of volume at the top of my breasts. He told me that I would be able to harvest fat cells from another part of my body and do some fat grafting to the upper part of my breasts. This would add some volume without really increasing the cup size. The option of a fat transfer breast augmentation was quite intriguing to me and seemed to cover all of the items on my checklist that I was trying to accomplish or avoid.

Just an FYI, there was plastic surgery that I could have went under to solve this problem at well such as regular breast augmentation with a breast lift. However, after talking to my plastic surgeon I felt like I was choosing the best decision for my body. He explained my breasts as deflated - and with autologous fat transfer the breast would fill up again (similar to putting air in tires) and be lifted and fuller.

The night before my procedure I had a bunch of rules that I was instructed to follow. First off I needed to shower and clean my entire body - including my hair. I was to remove all jewelry and show up to the surgery in comfortable clothing. They told me I should fast after eating dinner at around 5-6pm, since my surgery was early in the morning. And to prevent any nausea I was given a patch to put behind my ears that I put on before going to sleep.

During the pre-op the doctor drew on my breasts where the fat injections were to go. In order to perform fat grafting, the doctor needs to perform liposuction from a donor site on the body. The doctor ended up taking fat from my flanks area to perform the fat grafting procedure.

I was brought into the surgery room and was administered general anesthesia. The next thing I knew I woke up next to my husband and the doctor in pos-op. The doctor explained to me that he injected 520cc's to my breast area that was marked. He was very pleased with how the procedure went. I know that sounds like a lot of fat being inserted into my breasts, but you lose 30-40% of the fat that gets injected back into your body. It really depends on how your body accepts the excess fat so it is normal to insert more cc's than you would if you to get implants in a breast augmentation surgery.

Recovering from the procedure was interesting. I was never really in pain because of the medication that the doctor gave me. However, the meds made me feel really nauesas and basically killed my appetite. Since I wasn't eating I felt horrible and pretty much just laid in bed all day. I did try and force down some soup every few hours just to keep some substance in my stomach.

When I looked in the mirror (after my few days of misery in bed) I was more than ecstatic. My boobs looked huge and lifted. I know that the swelling would come down a bit because my body wasn't going to process all of the fat that was injected, but I was thrilled with the breast volume that I now had.

My overall experience was exactly what I wanted. I guess it is how you justify anything but since it was my own fat it doesn't really seem like cosmetic surgery to me. Im sure that a natural breast augmentation would end with a great result as well, but if you are considering other breast augmentation options I fully recommend a fat transfer breast augmentation. My final results are everything that I could dream of.

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