Breast Implant Removal Fixed Capsular Contracture

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Breast implant revision - Implant removal


Performed 2017

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Hey you guys, I recently had breast implant surgery and it was successful. I had been in lots of pain because of a capsular contracture to my right breast. A capsular contracture is not an uncommon thing to happen to women who get breast augmentation surgery. Scar tissue forms around the implant that gets put into your body, it is usually soft but sometimes the scar tissue will harden and become painful. This had led me to decide to have explant surgery to remove my silicone implants.

Before the surgery, I experienced lots of thoughts and feelings; scared, sad, but also feeling positive things too. Hopeful that things would go well and that I would feel better quickly. That I can lay on my stomach again. That I can do chest exercises with more strength again, not have my right boob be totally hard. All of these questions and worries are totally normal so don't be alarmed if you feel the same way.

One surgeon that I spoke to suggested taking my breast implants out for 9 months and letting myself heal completely and have implant revision surgery. However, He said that with a replacement this entire thing could happen again. Ultimately, I realized I do not need implants to live my life happily even though I am somewhat in the limelight; being an IFBB bikini pro sponsored athlete. Implants are implants and they don’t make or break me. Right now I do not plan on putting them back in, but who knows what the future holds.

Another option that I had was to remove my implants and remove the excess breast tissue and get a breast lift. I have had two pregnancies and have breast fed two babies . If I were to get a breast lift there is a 50/50 chance that you cannot breastfeed afterwards. I have had several women reach out (who I contacted) saying that they have been able to breastfeed afterwards but my plastic surgeon had mentioned that the chances are quite low and I didn't want to take the chance. I just didn't feel like it’s worth the risk in getting a breast lift and losing the ability to bond with possible future babies through breast feeding.

The day of the surgery, the doctor removed the entire capsules; the capsules were what were so hard and caused so many problems for me. So he removed all the capsules and the implants and the scar tissue.

Before I went in for plastic surgery I felt really tired, hungry, and thirsty since I was not supposed to have anything to eat or dink after midnight the night before. I went into the surgical room and the nurses checked my vitals to make sure everything was okay. The plastic surgeon then came in, drew on my boobs, and told me how drains will be inserted into my breasts. He also said that he would save the implants and take pictures of the scar tissue. He then told me the anesthesiologist would be in to discuss the general anesthesia process.

After the surgery I woke up in post op. I don't remember much about being in the recovery room but the next thing I remembered was being picked up by my husband at the surgical center and I was in a lot of pain. Even though I was in pain I was told that everything went well. I was bound really tight with bandages and had two JP drains inserted into my breasts that drain extra blood and serous fluid from one of the implants which helped reduce extras scar tissue. I was instructed to go home and rest.

After I got home from surgery I started to feel quite a bit better once I was relaxing on the couch and put ice on my chest. They gave me pain medication which I have been taking every few hours to ease the throbbing in my chest. The first night of sleep I was able to sleep on and off, prob waking up every 2 hours to get some water, some new ice and some pain meds. The day after surgery I woke up in not as much pain as I was when I got home from surgery. I felt functional and the pain was pretty tolerable.

I saw the surgeon a few days after my surgery for my post op visit. At this time there was still quite a bit of pain and swelling, especially up top in between my boobs. I still had the drains, and kept them in for around 2 weeks (everyone is different). A few days after, It was still really tight around my ribs and near the incision and it was hard to take a deep breath. I told my surgeon at the appointment and he told me that it was totally normal.

After the first week after surgery I have been trying to walk around slowly, but then rest as much as I can. It has been tough with kids but my husband has done a great job helping out with all of the house duties. My appetite had been super low for the first week. The first few days I was only eating broth. Once I got a week post op I have been trying to add more nutrition into my meals. While the drains were still in they were high maintenance. I had to strip the tubing every 3-4 hours to keep any clots from forming in the tubing which would take away the suction. I drained the tubes 2-3 times a day

Just a good side note for women who are not used to taking pain medication. They gave me bad stomach issues. Although they helped with the pain they made me very constipated. The combo of stomach pains and the drains caused me much annoyance in the first couple weeks. My stomach did settle down when I moved off the pain meds about a week in. When the drains came out after about 2 weeks I was a lot more comfortable and able to move around more. I was even able to start doing my carpooling with the kids again.

Overall the implant removal went well. There are some hiccups along the way but I bet it matters how well you deal with pain. I do see myself maybe getting another breast augmentation in the future or maybe a breast lift, or even a fat transfer breast aug, but I will wait until I am definitely done having kids. The bottom line is that I no longer feel pain from my capsular contracture and its because I decided to have breast implant removal surgery. I hope this review was helpful for anyone looking to go through with the procedure!

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