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Breast implant revision - Implant removal


Performed 2016

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I had breast implant removal surgery 2 years ago to remove my silicone implants that were 12 years old and had ruptured. I went to Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, Georgia and had to travel from New Jersey to have my surgery with her. Dr. Kolb is an expert in explantation surgery and is the only plastic surgeon who I feel truly understands breast implant illness and the impact it can have on your life. I was ill for years prior to meeting with her and no other doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. It was suggested by many doctors that my illness was all 'in my head.' 

My explant surgery was 4 hours long and was performed under general anesthesia. I was not awake and remember little from the operation itself. Along with having my implants removed, Dr. Kolb performed a breast lift. My surgery time was extended because the silicone gel had leaked out of my implants. She had to remove the lymph nodes that were under my arms because of this. I was told my implants were full of mold, fungi and bacteria and they were sent to pathology to be studied further.

The recovery from my explant surgery was most difficult during the first week. I had two drains that hung off my body and both collected a mixture of blood and excess fluids. The drains limited my freedom and it didn't help that I was also dealing with a good amount of pain. Around the 7 day mark is when my drains and sutures were removed and my pain subsided to the point where I no longer needed pain medication. I wore a compression garment for 2 weeks and compression stalkings (to improve circulation and prevent blood clots) for the first week straight and then on and off for the following week. At the 4-6 week mark I started feeling like my old self. My breasts looked smaller, but really good and natural. Dr. Kolb did an amazing job, especially considering how stretched my skin was from my implants. 

Now that it's been nearly two years since my surgery, I can't thank Dr. Kolb enough. Her and her staff were absolutely incredible during my entire journey from my consultation until I was fully healed. Dr. Kolb was so good at explaining why my implants caused me to be sick and she was right. I am no longer ill and I'm so thankful to Dr. Kolb for helping with a problem I dealt with unsuccessfully for years. When no one else had an answer for me, she did. I'm not sure what I would have done with myself had I not discovered her. She was sent from the heavens to help me.

My breast lift and explant surgery cost me $15,000 and I had to pay to stay in a hotel for a week since I was from out of town.


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Susan Kolb

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