Breast Lift and Implant Exchange: Procedure, Recovery, and Results

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I got my original breast implants in California about 12 years ago. It might have been a California thing at that age and just out of college. Everyone was doing it, and they all spoke highly of this one doctor. So, I thought, “Ok, if you guys like him, then I’ll go.”

The results weren’t what I expected. The implants were too big for my body. Plus, the surgeon didn’t cut down far enough on the muscle, which made it so the implants didn’t sit quite right. The old implants were malpositioned, sitting higher on my chest than they should have been and it looked and felt a bit odd.

Needless to say, I was never particularly happy with them. But fixing them was never a huge priority. I got busy and had kids, which made me busier. However, in recent months, they started sliding sideways, which caused more discomfort and basically just became a bridge too far for me. It was time to do something about them.

Finding Dr. Breslow

I must have talked to five different plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Breslow. I dabbled for about a year and a half, checking out all of my options for breast implant exchange surgery. I wanted to be thorough this time around, but the decision was fairly easy.

I’d already been to Dr. Breslow’s office to get facials with Melanie, his aesthetician. I’d never met Dr. Breslow himself, but I knew the office and was very pleased with the overall setting and service. The office feels safe and inspires confidence. The front desk is amazing and they have very nice products on display. It just felt like the natural choice.

The Consultation

I liked Dr. Breslow a lot. He was very straight-forward, honest, and informative. He didn’t sugar-coat anything, painting this pretty picture of what he thought I wanted to hear. Unlike a lot of other surgeons, who frequently seemed to overpromise, he leveled with me. He told me exactly what I was going to get, and I got exactly what he said.

I liked him better than the other surgeons for a variety of reasons. I didn’t like some of the things the other surgeons said. I didn’t like their apparent bedside manner. In some cases, I found them off-putting. Dr. Breslow gave me none of these concerns. He made the whole consultation experience comfortable and easy, so I knew the revision surgery would be the same.

Surgery Prep

I had just the one consultation before surgery along with a pre-op meeting in which I was given thorough instructions. That was another thing I loved about Dr. Breslow and his team. They gave me a whole packet of instructions when my first surgeon had hardly given me anything. I felt like I was in very good hands.

Surgery Day

Truth be told, it was scary. I mean you never know what’s going to happen with plastic surgery procedures. Thankfully, the nurses in the office were very comforting. Dr. Breslow was too. He is great with his patients. He came in and marked me up in preparation for the breast surgery. I was then given general anesthesia and didn’t see him again until my follow-up the next day. My surgical procedure included the implant exchange and a breast lift.

My Recovery

The first couple of days went as expected. I was uncomfortable, bruised, and swollen. Because I had both the lift and the exchange (and I’m older), I was sorer than after the first cosmetic surgery. Not to mention, Dr. Breslow had to cut the muscle to help the new implants fall properly.

I was sent home with a special bra that held the implants firmly in place. It helped with some of the discomfort. I was also given another packet of information with postoperative instructions for how to care for the implants. During my next day follow-up, they taught me some special massages to help with swelling and promote healing.

I’ve had three follow-ups since the procedure in August 2018 and another scheduled for a few months from now. They all went smoothly. Nothing needed to be discussed save the usual symptoms of tightness, tenderness, and so on.

The Results

I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% back to normal quite yet. I’m still healing a bit, but I feel really good. I’m running again and doing yoga, although nothing that involves the chest too much. I’m definitely being more cautious this time around. I’m more mindful after my last experience and giving myself plenty of recovery time. The last thing I want is to go through another poor implant experience. I’m happy to say, that everything has been going smoothly and the implant placement is perfect.

Advice to Others

When I got my initial breast augmentation, I was young and didn’t pay enough attention. I advise anyone in my position to do their research. Don’t rush into things. Don’t get swept up by your enthusiasm for the breast implant surgery. Take the time to find the right doctor, and Dr. Gary Breslow is a good place to start. After all, this is your body and your life.

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