Breast Reduction Surgery: From 34J to 36D breasts.

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Breast reduction

Performed 2016

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My name is Shante. I live in Toronto, Canada and I am 22 years old. About a year ago, I had a breast reduction. For years, I suffered from severe back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain from my heavy breasts that would have an effect on me doing things in my everyday life. I had tried everything - sports bras, weight loss, etc. I knew enough was enough, so I went to my family doctor to seek help. He referred me to a plastic surgeon by the name of Bernd Neu. Dr.Neu has been a surgeon for over 25 years. His practice is located at 20 Wynford Drive, in Toronto. He is also a lecturer at the University of Toronto, which is one of the best schools in all of Canada. From the consultation to the post op appointments, he was amazing. He stuck by me and was there at any point in time that I needed him. He even left a surgery to assist me. I did not have to pay for this procedure, as it was covered by my health insurance company, since it was a health concern and detrimental to my wellbeing. There was, however, an option to pay $1330 for a different method for the incision lines. The procedure itself went well. I arrived at the surgical center early in the morning, met the nurses, was wheeled into the operating room and was placed under general anesthesia. That's the last thing I remember before waking up in the recovery room. I didn't feel too bad after surgery and the next several days were not too bad. I had some bruising, swelling and a little pain, but nothing some ibuprofen couldn't handle. A few days after my procedure, my drainage tubes were removed, and I continued wearing my surgical bra for 6 weeks after my procedure. My entire recovery time took about two weeks before I felt like I was back to normal, but really only a two weeks before I was able to do most things. My surgery changed my life in many ways. My back pain resolved, I felt lighter, and I could find bras to fit me in regular bra stores. I feel more comfortable and self-confident. Since the surgery, I’ve lost over 10 pounds. I was a 34J and now I am a 36D; seven pounds of breast tissue was removed. I am so much happier with my new breasts! I encourage people to get this surgery if you are suffering from the same pains, or lack of self-confidence, it has changed my life! 

Dr. Bernd Neu