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Performed 2014

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Dr Andochik wouldn't see me as he only sees Private Pay patients, for cosmetic, elective surgeries. (After researching Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, he was my first choice.) I was referred to Dr Mecinski because I had private insurance, and my breast reduction was covered by insurance.

I was not told that my scars would be completely around under my arms. That skin was not pulled tight, and I now have a thick overhang of skin (fat) under both arms.

My right breast is noticeably larger than the left.

I wasn't informed that my nipples would be considerably smaller. And, I have white rings around my areole, where my nipples were sewn back on, My right nipple faces outward, not corresponding with the left, which is in a perfect position.

Dr Mecinski was 2 hours late, and I believe I should have been rescheduled. I believe he was tired, or preoccupied, and anxious to complete my 7 hour surgery, which contributed to my outcome.

In addition, my right leg has parasthesia, due to the straps used when the operating table is tilted up and down, to check the doctor's progress as he tried to compare both breasts. The nerves at the top of my right leg were compressed and "pinched" as a result of being in a Standing Position" while strapped to the table." I am now prescribed Gabapentin, from my Pain Management physician, (I was unable to take Lyrica), and have permanent nerve damage in my leg, causing unimaginable pain, and feeling as if I am having "electrical shocks" from the top of my thigh to my knee. (The nerves where my thigh meets my torso are too small to be "untangled" with surgery.

There is also a rather "thick" scar in between my breasts, which is a raised,, permanent red scar.

It was evident by the nurses' demeanor, that it was was late Friday evening, (after 8:00pm, and dark outside), and they were anxious to close up and go home for the weekend. I was not fully awake from the anesthesia, when I was helped to the bathroom to urinate, still not completely coherent, and unable to walk on my own. The two attending nurses were trying to dress me, and send me on my way.
At that point, my amazing husband stepped in and took control of the situation, noting that from any previous surgeries, how long it takes for me to get my eyes open, speak coherently, or walk. He carried me to the car, still in a hospital gown, which one of the nurses insisted be returned ASAP.

Overall, Dr Mecinski has a soft spoken, wonderful demeanor. I believe this was just a bad night for him to be operating, and the permanent results of my breast reduction surgery was not his best, for which, I will permanently, literally carry the scars. If I were younger, I would insist on corrective procedures...
For my right breast being noticeably larger than the left, white rings where my areoles were stitched back on, my right nipple facing too
far outward, the BIG red scar between my breasts, the horrible scars under my arms with the overhang of what appears to be long lines of overhanging fat, and, the constant pain and stinging burning sensation from paresthesia in my right thigh (which I've been advised cannot be corrected.)

My advice:
If your surgeon is 2 hours late - RESCHEDULE!!
And, ALWAYS ask what kind of permanent scars you will have and WHERE they will be. I was completely unaware that "KEYHOLE" surgery is not always just that!
ASK MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Being from the "Baby Boomer" generation we were taught that all doctors were wise and competent, and were to be treated with respect, and anything they did was in your best interest.

I feel that my surgery was done on Dr Mecinski's timeline and served his interests, not mine.

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