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I had butt implants and liposuction in my lower flanks done by Dr. Ryan Stanton in Beverly Hills earlier this year. I went to meet with Dr. Stanton thinking 500CC implants would work for my body, but Dr. Stanton upon examination confirmed that my booty could handle a 600CC Stanton Implant. For you ladies who are confused about whether to go with a round, oval or Stanton Implants, I was lost too. I’d share the following with you.

Round Butt Implants: As the name indicates, these implants are round, which means that the projection is uniform throughout the implant. This is the implant I originally believed I wanted.

Oval Butt Implants: Are tear dropped shaped, and the maximum projection is at the bottom of the implant. The part of maximum projection on a woman’s butt doesn’t usually coincide with a tear drop shape.

Stanton Butt Implants: Dr. Stanton’s implants are tapered at the ends and have maximum projection in the middle. This was good for me, because my butt is shaped more like this implant than a round or oval shaped one.

I had also read that implants made your butt feel hard as a rock. Dr. Stanton said while that was true of older implants, the newer ones were very soft. He even let me feel a few different implants and they did feel very soft and squishy.

Day of Butt Implant Surgery:

I was the first slot of the day and had to be at the surgical center by 7 AM. I was told to wear loose fitting closing, so that I could more easily get into my clothes after surgery. I was super nervous to be getting surgery, but was comforted by the nice medical staff there. Dr. Stanton was also very comforting, because he has such a confident demeanor. It’s very clear he has done so many butt implant surgeries that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Very upbeat and energetic too. Actually, all of the doctors and nurses I encountered were very pleasant to deal with. I was really cold at the surgery facility and one of the staff members gave me a blanket to keep me warm, which was very sweet of her.

Timeline of My Recovery 

Night 1:

Surgery went as expected. Waking up from anesthesia I felt a bit sick when I got up too quickly. My implants were placed behind my buttock muscles and that prevents them from shifting during movement. Pain was minimal for the first few hours after surgery and then a pressure like sensation. I assume this is from your muscles getting used to having an implant inside of them and stretching out. Developed some soreness in the areas of liposuction too. The soreness and pressure were both bearable and I was given oxycodone if the pain became too much for me, which it did not.

Day 2:

I was swollen, like swollen all over my body. There was lots of fluid collection going on. Pain was still minimal and It was annoying not being able to bend or walk easily. This is especially problematic when using the restroom or getting up.

Day 3:

Finally got to shower and that made me feel better. It was the first time I felt clean since the night before surgery. Sleeping on my stomach for the past 2 nights has really stunk. I had to have my husband run out an buy some more soft pillows to make me more comfortable. My stomach was getting irritated from having pressure on it all night. Pain is a bit worse than days 1-2 but manageable.

Day 4:

Decided to stare at my butt in the mirror for an hour. It looks good, but the implants are still high. Much like when you have breast augmentation surgery, your implants need to drop and settle. I’m a patient person though, so I was willing to wait for my results .

Day 5:

Swelling was still significant but pain improved. Switched from oxycodone to extra strength Tylenol. At the recommendation of a friend, I was eating pineapple to help with swelling. I think it may have helped slightly. Had a follow-up appointment with my doctor and he said I looked good. I told him I was pretty constipated and he told me to take some laxatives.

Days 6-10:

I had bouts of pain in my legs and buttocks for the first 10 days. These pains would come and go, and move too, but since I was moving around more things felt more normal. There were moments of regret though. I just had to stay positive and remember why I wanted this surgery in the first place! Nothing worthwhile in life is easy!

Days 10+:

As my implants settled and my swelling diminished, I fell in love with my booty. Everything looks the way I dreamed it would look before surgery. Recovery is not fun or easy at times, but if you have confidence in your surgeon and stay mentally strong.

Dr. Stanton was a fun guy and great surgeon. He seemed to be the most experienced surgeon when it came to butt implants during my research phase. I love my results and love the way it’s improved my figure. If you ladies have any questions, please write below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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