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Buttock implants


Performed 2014

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My Experience and Review Getting Butt Implants

Dr. Joseph Danyo, Kennett Pike, DE

Cost: $5,310

Age at time of surgery:  24

All throughout my life I have been known for having a pear-shaped body, where I was smaller on the top and had a very curvy hip to waist ratio, along with a bigger backside. This all changed when I gained a lot of weight, and then went through a tremendous weight loss. Unfortunately, my butt disappeared along with the other fat I lost. I was shocked to see how flat it became. So, to fix it, I thought to get gluteal augmentation with implants, because with a Brazilian butt lift, fat is used and I didn’t want to risk losing my results to weight loss again. So, the fun began.

The hardest thing to do at first was to find a doctor, because they either were too expensive or didn’t do gluteal augmentation with implants like I wanted.

Who would think that I would wind up finding a doctor in the state of Delaware of all places? I lived in that state at the time and I was online looking at doctors in Miami, Las Vegas, and even Texas. My plastic surgeons name was Dr. Joseph Danyo of Danyo Banbury Plastic Surgery located in Kennett Pike, Delaware at the time. (His office has moved since then.)

So, in consultation I had already a picture of what I wanted to look like, and I had already researched what company he uses for body implants (Sientra) and I already picked out the round shaped gluteal implant, 440cc semisolid silicone. I wanted those because the round, I thought, was going to be a lot less apt to turn like an oval implant would. It also had the most volume to choose from. My doctor had informed me he had taken a break from this surgery for a period of years, then recently started again. I was happy because with him, I was charged altogether $5310. This was way better than $10,000 and up that I saw other doctors charge. I took the chance because I thought, how hard is it to put implants in a butt?

So, the surgery happened on October 31, 2014. Yes, on Halloween. I was 24 at the time of surgery. This was honestly one of the most painful things I have ever done. You would be surprised at how much a butt hurts. I got these implants placed on top of the muscle, I could only imagine how much it would hurt if it was intramuscular. I had a drain placed on top of the crease of my buttock, so I could hide it with a bikini.

Ultimately, my butt implants have become a part of me and I love them. The only precautions I have for someone interested in this type of surgery is that for one, implants may flip. It doesn’t necessarily hurt but it feels weird. Secondly, healing is risky due to it being near a “dirty” area. Keep it super clean to avoid infection. Thirdly, do not sit or lay on them for a LONG TIME. Give them time to “marinate”.

I would recommend Dr. Danyo if you’re in the Wilmington, Delaware area and looking for gluteal implants. He is a very good surgeon and for the price you can become very upgraded in the gluteal region.

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