Cellfina Helped Greatly Reduce The Appearance of My Cellulite Dimpling

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Cellulite treatment


Performed 2016

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I'm not even sure what age cellulite first started appearing on my body, but once I got into my 20s, I hated what my butt looked like. I was always a fitness freak and was in great shape, but no mater what I did, I couldn't fight the cellulite battle. Before trying Cellfina, I bought pretty much every product at my local drugstore that claimed to treat cellulite. I tried topical creams, body wraps and a bunch of other treatments. None of them worked and I was pretty demoralized and felt defeated. Whenever I looked in the mirror, despite being in top-notch physical shape, all I noticed were the dimples on my butt. I became so obsessed with my cellulite, I think I may have been suffering from a little bit body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

After doing nothing for years, I saw Cellfina on The Doctors and decided to investigate it further. It was a minimally invasive procedure, which I immediately liked, and the patient satisfaction rates of Cellfina reviews online seemed to be pretty high, especially when most of these minimally invasive treatments don't do diddly squat and have mostly negative reviews. The idea for Cellfina seemed to make sense to me though. The procedure claimed to break up the tight bands of fibrous tissue that tethered the out layer of the skin (This is what causes the dimpled appearance of your skin.) By breaking up these fibrous bands of tissue, Cellfina targets the structural cause of Cellulite and that's why it supposedly offers long-lasting results. The Cellfina procedure was also not supposed to be very painful and I was convinced enough that is was worth a try. I booked an appointment with a popular certified plastic surgeon in my area (El Paso), Dr. Anh Lee, who was a Cellfina provider.

When I arrived at Dr. Anh Lee's office, her staff was wonderful. They were very attentive and sweet. Dr. Anh Lee is amazing too. She described the Cellfina procedure to me and then took a look at, photographed and then marked up my cellulite dimples. After I was marked up, she took some more photos. Then it was time for the procedure.

The Cellfina procedure is what I like to describe as a combination of a vacuum and subcision (using a blade to break up tissue). First, Dr. Anh Lee put a suction device on my butt around the dimples that were marked up. Your skin is pulled into the suction device and then you're given a local anesthetic through a needle inserted into the device. I will admit, I felt the first needle go into my butt, but I felt each successive needle less as my butt became numb. I would say I experienced minimal pain during the procedure (Never more than a 4/10). After 20-30 minutes of numbing, the subcision tool was inserted into the suction device. It works be cutting through rubber band-like bands of tissue holding your skin down. This process was repeated on my other dimples too. The entire treatment took around an hour and immediately following the procedure some of the numbing solution leaked out of my body, but my doctor had warned me about this, so I wasn't alarmed. I had come prepared with Spanx and they put gauze inside of my Spanx to absorb any leakage.

The recovery from Cellfina was pretty easy. For the first two days after the procedure, I had some tenderness, bruising and swelling. I applied Arnica to my bruising, which helped and after a week it was gone. During that time, I wore my Spanx everyday, which helped with the appearance and prevention of swelling. I also refrained from exercising for the first 10 days (at my doctor's advice) and then returned to light exercising after that. Three weeks later I had returned to my regular exercise routine.

Once I was fully healed and saw my final results from Cellfina, I was thrilled. My dimpled skin showed a significant improvement and I couldn't wait to go shopping again. I bought some tight fitting white pants and a bunch of new bathing suits. I even took a trip to the beach, just so I could walk around and show everyone my new butt!

If you're suffering from Cellulite, don't wait any longer and go check out Cellfina. I liked it a lot and I'm sure you will too. If you're close to El Paso, I recommend Dr. Anh Lee!

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