Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars

MayaLee Patient gender: Female Patient age: 28 Location: Arcadia, CA Cost: $150

Before and afters

Skin After Chemical Peel - Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars  - review image.
Skin Before Chemical Peel - Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars  - review image.
Skin Peeling Visible - Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars  - review image.
After Skin Peeling Stopped - Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars  - review image.
Redness From Chemical Peel - Chemical Peel Improved My Pitted Acne Scars  - review image.

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Chemical Peel


Performed 2018

Procedure review

During my teenage years, I struggled with hormonal acne and could not seem to find a way to settle it down. Finally, after 5 years of trying everything I could, my acne finally settled down around age 25. However, I was left with pitted scars all over my cheeks. As a woman, it was very difficult for me to feel comfortable going out without any makeup on. My dermatologist recommended 2 chemical peels, as she said it would greatly help lighten acne scars, dark spots, and help brighten up my skin. She also warned me that my face would look quite "bad" for 5 days. Hesitantly I asked her when I should come in for an appointment and she asked if we could do it right away. It was a Monday at 3 PM, and I had a full week of work. Not sure of what I'd look like, I agreed. I have Asian skin, for reference. The total cost of my chemical peel was $150, including the visit. 

Receiving My Chemical Peel 

As I sat in the examination chair, a nurse came in, put acetone on a cotton ball and wiped it all over my face to make sure no makeup residue or oil was left on it. Then, my dermatologist came in and put some of the chemical peel solution on a cotton ball and started putting it all over my face. She did about 3 rounds, waited for a moment, and then applied the chemical solution 2 more times. Then she put a portable fan in front of my face to help cool it down. I could feel a huge sense of heat swell up on my face once the chemical peel solution was applied, but it was very bearable.

I had forgotten I planned to grab coffee with a friend after my peel, but when I looked in the mirror, it looked like I was severely sunburned and was very dry (parts of my skin looked white). We sat in my car and talked, and I could feel my skin was tight and hot, but it did not bother me much.

Recovering From My Chemical Peel

The next day, on Tuesday, my face looked about the same. It was strange washing my face, as it felt like I had another layer of skin on my face. When I went to work I felt self-conscious, but everyone told me I simply looked sunburned. 

Wednesday, the 3rd day after my peel, was about the same, although my mouth area started peeling a bit since I kept talking throughout the day. 

Thursday, I felt very uncomfortable as my skin tightened up a lot more and the peel turned darker than my skin color. Some areas were peeling and cracking, which also hurt. 

On Friday, I was skeptical of whether or not this would completely peel on its own. I was told not to touch it, and to have my skin heal on its own, but it was already at day 5 after my chemical peel. 

On Saturday, I decided to grab tweezers and peel the layers off myself. I didn't feel any tugging, and the excess dead skin seemed to come off very easily (Sorry if this too much information for you!). My skin was glowing underneath. There were a few dark spots from the cracks I had. I also noticed some dark spots on the actual peel. It was very cool to see how it pulled some of the colors of my mole as well.

Although during the process I was very insecure, I felt like it made my skin feel as good as new. My scars were slightly lighter, but I definitely would benefit from a second one. The only drawback is I would want to do it when I can pull away from society for a week, which is really difficult to do! As you can see from my before and after photos, the chemical peel left a weird dark shadow on my face but it eventually went away. It also left me a little red for about a day. 

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