Chin Fillers Were Worth It! Pictures and The Cost of My Experience.

NanciLe Patient gender: Female Patient age: 30 Cost: $500

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Chin Fillers Were Worth It! Pictures and The Cost of My Experience. - review image.
Chin Fillers Were Worth It! Pictures and The Cost of My Experience. - review image.
Chin Fillers Were Worth It! Pictures and The Cost of My Experience. - review image.
Chin Fillers Were Worth It! Pictures and The Cost of My Experience. - review image.

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Performed 2016

Procedure review

At the age of 22, I started noticing a small indentation in my chin, also known as a “butt chin” or "double chin." Although I find a strong chin super attractive on men, it was not something I wanted for myself. It gave my face a more masculine look which is not what I was going for. I started doing some research on chin augmentation and Chin implant. I found out that they were quite expensive, ranging around $6000-$8000. In addition, I would also need to take about 1- 2 weeks off from work to recover. As this was a permanent procedure, I was afraid that I would either regret or not like my new chin.

A couple years went by and I started hearing about lip fillers. I was disgusted by the thought of having a foreign object being injected into your body. Throughout the 3 years, I kept hearing more about dermal fillers, more specifically lip fillers. One day while scrolling through Instagram, I came upon a before and after picture of someone’s chin. I thought to myself that this procedure is something I’ve been looking for all these years. After doing a little more research about this procedure, I found out that it they had used fillers to inject and mold the chin into a pointed tip. I decided that fillers were the best option for me as they not only fixed the problem of my “butt chin”, but was also only temporary; lasting only 8-10 months.

I started searching in Vancouver for this service. To my surprise there were a lot of different clinics that offer this service. The prices averaged at approximately $450-$600 per Syringe. Each syringe was a tube of fillers, you can buy 1 syringe and split it between different parts of you face (nose, lips, laugh line, chin). After taking into consideration of all the information I found an office called: The Skin Girls. They had amazing reviews and they specialized in facial fillers and Botox. Another thing I liked was, the fact that they could take me in the same week rather than waiting 1 month for an appointment like other clinics.

The day had come and I was nervous prior to the appointment, I had brought my boyfriend with me as I am absolutely terrified of needles. Arriving at the office, the receptionist staff was friendly and professional. The doctor that performed the injection was Dr. Zheng. She was not only super friendly, but was also extremely knowledgeable. I was very comfortable around Dr. Zheng and this really helped to ease my nerves. She advised me the procedure that I wanted will made my face slimmer and more feminine, which was exactly what I wanted. She suggested that 1 syringe was all I needed as my chin indentation was not very severe in the first place. We started off with numbing crème and waited for 5 minutes for the numbing to kick in. She started with the first injection, because needles they use for fillers are so small the pain was very bearable. I got poked about 5-6 times in different parts and angles of my chin. After each injection, Dr. Zheng started molding my chin to set the fillers in place. The injection itself was not as painful as I would have imagined, the worse part was the feeling of your chin being filled up with the fillers. Not so much as described as painful but it was a cringe feeling. After the full syringe was fully injected and molded, I immediately noticed that my chin was more define and slim. Despite my chin being sore that whole day I was completely satisfied with the result. The soreness eventually went away, a little tender by the touch but no sharp pain. The appointment itself only took 15 minutes and you get result for approximately 10 months. Overall my experience had been amazing, and I would go back to The Skin Girls for additional fillers.