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Performed 2015

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At the old age of 40 years old, I decided to have a chin implant inserted into my face not because I had a very receded chin but because . I'm recently divorced and decided that I wanted to freshen up the way I look. I wanted a more masculine jawline that would make me more appealing to women.

As a person who is a big believer in doing what makes you happy, plastic surgery has always been appealing to me. For many years now, I have received twice annual Botox injections and getting chin implant surgery was what I considered to be the next incremental step in improving my appearance. Like Botox, I didn't see a chin implant as a 'big surgery.' I liked that it was reversible if I didn't like it and it would instantly improve my looks. I also felt like the aesthetic results would be quite predictable. What your chin looked like afterwards seemed to depend more on the type and size of the implant and less on the surgical skill of the surgeon, say versus a rhinoplasty, where the surgeon's skill level is by far the biggest determining factor in your final results. This is not to say that your surgeon's skills don't matter for a chin augmentation, but I felt like they mattered less than other surgeons. Surgeons are humans and do make mistakes, so I try to avoid as much risk as I can with elective procedures.

I had my chin augmentation surgery with the facial plastic surgeon I go to for my Botox. He's a great a doctor and my consultation was very straightforward. We went over what I should expect: a silicone implant being inserted through a small incision at the base of my chin. I was a bit worried about having a visible scar where the incision would be, but my doctor showed me 1 year post-op photos of patients with the same incision and it was hardly visible. I also tend to grow a beard and so I was only mildly worried it.

My surgery was very short. It was performed under local anesthesia with sedation and afterwards I was left with small bandage with medical tape on my chin. I was also very numb from all of the local anesthetic that was injected and couldn't really feel my jaw. I was allowed to go home not long after my procedure.

My recovery was filled with the usual stuff you'd expect after having surgery. I had swelling and a little bit of yellow bruising around my chin, although that quickly faded. My jaw also felt very tight from the implant and I did have a slight lisp that remained for 2 months or there about, which was certainly annoying but not to the point of being unbearable.

It's been 2 years since my surgery and I'm very happy with the results. My jawline is much stronger and my side profile has greatly improved. I feel a lot more manly and it's been a boost to my confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Jason Champagne

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