Clear + Brilliant Laser Helped Remove My Melasma

LindaF Patient gender: Female Patient age: 60 Cost: $1,400

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Melasma Before Clear + Brilliant Laser - Clear + Brilliant Laser Helped Remove My Melasma  - review image.
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Performed 2018

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I am an older woman who has lived in Fort Lauderdale for the last twenty years. Despite being diligent about applying sun cream, I developed bad brown spots on my face, which I later learned from my dermatologist was called melasma. She suggested that I try a new fractional laser on the market called the Clear + Brilliant. She said I would require 3-4 treatments and the cost of each one would be $350. I am at juncture in my life where I was no deterred by the cost and decided to proceed with the treatment. I was able to have my first treatment that same day.

Before Clear + Brilliant, the only laser treatment I had ever received was the IPL. I had a positive experience with that laser, so I had no aversion to lasers at all. I was ready to go!

In preparation for the Brilliant laser, my skin was throughly cleansed, my hair was pulled back, numbing cream was applied and I was given shields to protect my eyes from the laser. Then it was time to begin the treatment, and my doctor ran the machine over my skin. During the procedure, all I heard was a beeping sound and what can best be described as a 'static' sound. I did not experience any pain during the treatment, and was very comfortable during it. After 15-20 minutes of the laser, my doctor applied a calming cream, which I believe contained vitamin C and an anti-oxidant. I found the cream to be very soothing and it was a nice conclusion to my procedure.

The night following my Brilliant laser treatment, my skin was red and had a grainy texture to it. I was given a gentle cleanser to use so that I did not irritate my skin any further. By the following morning, my skin was not red, but the texture of my skin still remained grainy. It was not until day 4 that my skin felt smoother. My melasma was still there though.

After 2 more treatments seperated by several weeks, I finally started seeing a dramatic reduction in the amount of melasma I had on my face. My skin tone became progressively clearer with each passing treatment.

At the time I am writing this review, it has almost been a year since my Brilliant treatment. My melasma has almost entirely disappeared and I'm happy I made the decision to have this treatment. My experience was very good and I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has melasma. I also believe the laser improved my skin quality and my dermatologist tells me this is because it stimulates collagen production.

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