The Clear + Brilliant Laser Worked For Me

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Performed 2018

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At 24 years old my skin may be still be quite young; however, it has a few problems that I have acquired over the years. From having acne as a young adult, I have scarring, hyperpigmentation and the occasional blemishes that unfortunately still make appearances. As someone who has a large presence on social media and is constantly in front of a camera, I was interested in finding a treatment that would make me feel a little less self-conscious about the uneven appearance of the skin on my face. When I was looking into treatments for my uneven coloring and scarring, I found the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment being offered at LaserAway, and I determined that it would be a great option to try and tackle some of my skins woes. There was virtually no downtime after the procedure besides a red, sunburnt looking face, and it is a noninvasive laser treatment that should promote even skin tone, boost the skins radiance and even reduce pore size.

I scheduled an appointment with the LaserAway on Park Lane in Dallas, TX. Setting up the appointment was quick and easy and I was able to get an appointment within a few days. The day of my appointment I arrived about 5 minutes early to Laser Away, I was greeted by the sweet lady working the front desk and asked to take a seat while they got my room ready for me. After just a few minutes I was called back into a treatment room, however it was not the same room to be used to do the laser treatment. I was told that we were going to Facetime with a doctor at another location and answer a few questions so that I would be able to have the treatment since there was not a doctor on site at the time. The Facetime call took maybe a total of two minutes and about three questions were asked pertaining to my health to make sure that I was ok to undergo the treatment. Once the technician was given the ok by the doctor to proceed, I could start the process of getting ready for the treatment.

I was asked to go to the bathroom and remove all of my makeup and wash my face. Face wash and clean towels were provided so it was quick and easy to get my makeup off. After I ensured my face was clean, I returned to the treatment room. The technician brought in a small plastic cup full of a white gel, which was the numbing cream, and a mirror; I was told to apply it but the technician walked out of the room and I was a little confused as to where exactly I needed to apply it on my face. I was able to track down someone to help, who quickly explained to me exactly what I needed to do. I stood in front of the mirror and used a popsicle stick to spread it heavily all over my face. The upper lip and around the nose is a very sensitive area so I was sure to pile it on the areas that I was told could be the most uncomfortable. After applying the numbing cream, you are to sit and wait roughly 30 minutes in order for it to take full effect.

After the 30-minute wait was complete, the technician came to get me and move me to another room where the treatment would take place. She showed me the machine she would be using, explained it to me and then began getting ready to do the laser treatment. I laid down on a bed and she applied circular band aid type of stickers to my eyes to keep them closed and safe from damage from the laser. It is a little weird to have your eyes taped shut, but I quickly got over that feeling. The technician was very thorough to explain every step she was doing. She explained that she would work on one side of my face from top to bottom, then my upper lip which is usually the most uncomfortable part, before working on the second half of my face. She would go over each spot twice and I was told to let her know if I got uncomfortable any time during the procedure.

I was very nervous about the procedure and was sure it was going to be incredibly painful, however when she began the treatment I realized I was getting myself worried for no reason. For the first pass over the skin it was minor irritation but not painful, when she would go over the spot a second time it was a bit uncomfortable and your skin would feel very very hot. However, when I would start to think “ow this hurts” it would be over and onto the next spot. I definitely overestimated the pain that I would feel during this treatment. When it came time to do the upper lip I got worried all over again because I was told it was the most sensitive spot, but thanks to her telling me that beforehand, the amount of numbing cream I slathered on must of worked because it did not hurt at all. The top of my cheeks was the most uncomfortable portion of the treatment, but still not too painful for me to ever need to ask her to take a break. She continued to work all over my face and the laser treatment was over quite quickly, I could feel my skin burning just as if I had been out in the sun and got quite the sunburnt. Once she finished, she told me to remove the eye stickers and applied a moisture treatment to my face. I then was given a cold face mask to wear for 10-15 minutes to help soothe the sunburn feeling.

My face was beet red when I looked into the mirror but was told that it would start to fade in a few hours. I was given instructions on how to care for my face and was sent on my way. No exercising for 2 days so that I would not sweat, very minimal makeup and lukewarm showers, that was easy enough!

I had my treatment late in the evening and by morning the redness in my face had subsided and was unnoticeable. After a day or two your face will develop a sandpaper feeling, but it does not change the appearance or your face, nor is it noticeable. The healing process was simple and there is no downtime. In the few weeks after my treatment I noticed slight differences in the scarring on my face, but not drastic changes. It is recommended to get the treatment a few times in order to get the full effects, however I have not gone back in for a second treatment yet.

Overall, my experience was great at this location and would recommend this Clear + Brilliant treatment. The technicians were great and the process was easy and it is helping me feel more comfortable about my skin.

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